The Party Of A Life Time

Only for these people to Edit: Myself, Katie-Kinz, and Seattle. The rest will be deleted!

The sky darkened as Jordan and I ran down the muddy sidewalk toward our almost pitch black house. Our parents wouldn't be home for over and hour and we still needed to find the perfect place to hide their present. Today; July 4th was their 17th anniversary and we had gotten them the perfect gift; two round trip tickets to Hawii, the hottest place we could think of. What were Jordan and I to do while their gone, you may ask?! To sweeten the deal, we had arranged for us to stay with our 74 year old Aunt Hilda; mainly for two reasons, one she is seinile, so we can do what ever we want; and two, her house is huge. That combined with her being hard of hearing, makes for the great place to host the biggest, baddest party of the year! YES, PARTY!!!

The End

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