The Paris Opera House



Statues of stone are all you will see untill you find a way in. The secret passages, dark and haunted, are the only way in. They are impossible to find unless you already know where they are. If you do happen to find the hidden doorway you will have to know how to open it. Say you get in and start to navigate the maze of passages. You need to know where you're going. Keep moving. Don't stop. Don't look behind you for all you will see is great misfortune. At the end of a tunnel is the sun. He show the way to a ladder that you climb. It leads you into a room of gold. Golden statues breath the clean air and welcome you, their guest. Listen. Can you hear it? Just listen. Can you hear the music coming through the walls. Following the glorious music out of this happy place is all you can do, for you are in a trance. Slowly you fet closer. Slowly it gets darker. Slowly the music gets louder. Finally you found the music. From across a vast underground lake cover with a demonic mist you see a man. A man whose mouth produces the sweet music that calls you closer. You take a step but you look down and catch yourself from the lake. But the mistake caused the music to end. The man was gone, vanished. I welcome you to my sancuary, to my favorite place the Paris Opera House.

The End

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