"Chapter II - Her 'Hero' "Mature

The angel heard loud muttering; she noticed she is standing next to a school. She didn't realised she walked so far. No one can see me like this... The notice on the door said “Open Evening, please come in and feel like STM – Safe, Talented and Mature”. STM was also the name of the school. Someone was clever enough to cross those three words out and write underneath them “Sex, Tits and Money”. If she would be in other circumstances, it would be funny, but when she was reading that, her head started spinning and the ability to carry on walking just went away.I can't make it anymore, but humans can't see me...She did fall on her knees once again this evening, the image before her eyes went blurry. The angel heard someone opening the door and using last bits of will power, she managed to hide her wings. From the door, a boy appeared looking around. His penetrating, blue eyes were scanning through the area, looking for someone. He saw movement near the welcome sign.

“Hello?” - he started to come closer to the angel.No... go away I don't want to hurt you...The boy carried on coming towards her. His eyes widened up when he saw the angel lying on the ground with a little puddle of blood starting to create. He ran towards her.

“Hey, what happened?”

“It's nothing really, I'm fine” – she answered.Just leave me alone...

“I can see that.” - he muttered sarcastically.

“I mean that...” - the angel started to cough suddenly.

“We need to get someone to see you, you need help even if you don't want to, I will not just leave you like that, sorry.” - he smiled slightly at her. For some reason, she was a little bit glad that he was so stubborn. He tried to go for help, but she did hold his sleeve.

“Please... I don't want anyone seeing me like this...” - she should of flew away and erase his memory using her power, but she was too tired and covered in scratches to do so.

“Ok... - he stopped for a moment thinking. - I know where they keep the first aid kit in this school, I could try to get my hands on it. Just wait here please I will be as quick as possible.” - with those words, he started to run towards another entrance of the building.Like I could go anywhere...There was something in that boy that made her trust him. Her “hero” reminded her of Gabriel, he was also always happy to help. 

The End

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