"Chapter I - The Fight"Mature

They stood with shock. Three grown up builders were suddenly overwhelmed with fear and they didn't know what to do.

“Paul... you didn't... added anything to those drinks lad, had you? “- Said a man that had a crowbar as a primitive weapon. His brown eyes were looking at the angel with fear but also... fascination.

“No man, I told you already... “

“I am real“– the angel had enough. Because of people Gabriel, her closest soul died. She felt anger pulsing through her veins. Her wings rose even higher and there was a splash of light coming from her eyes. The three men stepped away trying to escape. The angel using one movement of her hand made the gate shut, so they couldn't escape anymore. The terror struck man called Paul. His muscles were worthless comparing to the unknown energy. The angel looked at other man that was just staring at her unable to move. Her eyes went red like blood, it started to rain heavily. With just a quick move of a hand she send the man flying into the air.

“JON!” - Paul shouted after heavy bearded man. He turned around with rage at angel. With a scream, he ran at her.

“Big mistake... “- She muttered under her breath. Suddenly with a click of her fingers, a ring of fire surrounded the angel and by invisible force, Paul was pushed away. He did fall down slipping on the wet mud. He could barely see because of the heavy rain. When he crinkled, the angel used her wings to fly next to him in a blink of an eye. She picked him up by a collar, the smell of cheap cigarettes and beer was very noticeable. Because of people Gabriel died. To show you people the real situation...I should kill him... eye for an eye as those humans say. The angel was looking straight at Paul's green eyes that were hypnotised. She was shaking with anger, wanting revenge. But... that will destroy everything Gabriel was working towards... angels and humans living together...

She did throw him through the entire building site and when he did hit the wall, he lost his consciousness. Only there was last man who tried desperately to climb over the fence to defeat. She turned around vigorously to face him. He looked back and that was a mistake. The light beamed from her eyes and he couldn't take his eyes away. There was a quick flash of light and the man just dropped on the ground like a doll. Gasping for air, the angel clicked her pale fingers and the ring of fire disappeared and the rain stopped. She fallen down on the ground, gasping for air. Cold air was systematically changing her breath into a white steam. The angel desperately tried to catch her breath, letting go of her power always did cost a lot of energy and could end very badly. Also, the marks that she got from God punishing her started bleeding a little.And he supposed to be all kind...

 She knew one thing for sure. For some time her powers needed to be not used, otherwise it could be fatal. No, angels couldn't die. By a term “fatal” it was widely acknowledged by the “higher powers” that it was when the angel used too much energy and she/he went through process of being born again. However, the process was extremely painful. Not only physical pain. You will need to go through and re-see all the harmful situations in your life, you were not allowed to runaway anywhere or to look away. You needed to re-live those moments.

God created that process of getting reborn, so angels would not use their powers against him. It made her laugh so much when she was hearing how people were thinking God is very kind and forgetting. He was far from that, maybe he sometimes helped humans, but when it came to angels... he was scared that they would take over the heaven, so for even little wrongdoing, the punishments were cruel. What, lovely, God usually was doing to punish the “unfaithful” ones, as he used to call them, was to remind them of all bad things that happened to them. Remind them of suffering, the things they wanted so much to forget.

The End

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