"Prologue - Send Down"Mature

The story is set in a parallel universe, where everything is different. God is not kind, but one angel steps up and tries with other angel - Gabriel to show humans that angels do exist. However, Gabriel gets killed and the other angel is send down to Earth to be punished. What will come out of all those things occurring? Read and find out!

The navy sky was looking down at the building site that was swallowed by dark and cold night. There was a deep silence that suddenly was disturbed by something coming from the sky. Massive source of light was coming, looking like a falling star that many children, with excitement, wish upon. However, the light was too strong for it to be that. It was coming quicker and quicker and then surprisingly with only a small amount of sound, it did hit the ground at the building site. Suddenly, without any warning, powerful voice started speaking, the voice seemed to be coming from everywhere, you couldn't escape it.

“I told you that you will cross the line one day. Our group decided that we had enough of you causing trouble and you need to get punished for your wrongdoing. Angels cannot behave is so much of a disgraceful manner.” - said the voice.

“Yeah surely Zeus knows how to party hard... “- muttered the angel, under her breath. She felt pain a second after saying that.

“Some respect to Zeus and your God!!!”

“If only you God, Zeus and especially Samael could actually deserve it, then you would have it... “- she straight away regretted what she had said when an invisible force did throw her into the nearest foundation of a building with full power. The angel couldn't defend herself and a quiet moan could be heard when she did reach the target.

“Leave the Samael alone, he is one of the best angels I ever had! Not like you!”

“You know, you and him as the angel of death... fit pretty well.” - the pain went through her body and it seems like the God didn't wanted to stop torturing her.

“Something else to say? “- He asked sarcastically.

“He killed Gabriel! He was our only link to humans and you three killed him because he started to have too much power!” - the angel shouted with rage, her vibe lighten up all the building site and foundations started to bend.

“Stop it! Using your power against me... well you will learn your lesson when we punish you. And Gabriel... it was only right to kill him. He wanted humans to know about us... you'll see how humans love us faster than you think... “- the angel could hear some voices coming towards her. Before she could reply, three men appeared at front of her and what they saw made them freeze with disbelief...

The End

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