Call to adventure

Author's Note: This chapter definitely needs more work than the last one.Is anyone here familiar with police-band radio? If so, can you tell me if I got it right?

Valerie Hutchins would not let it on easily, but she quite admired Ben Balister for his enthusiasm. She was reminded of herself when she saw hia restlessness to do good. She glanced at the piles of paperwork that had yet to be done. Hopefully, he would not end up like her.

The police-band radio crackled to life. "We have10-90 at five-zero-zero-six Kennedy Drive," It garbled, "all units respond."

"That's a bank robbery!" She tossed an attaché to the rising Ballister, who caught it as he headed toward the door "On the other side of the block!"

"Finally!" He didn't turn back "I'll put it on in the elevator."

As he shut the door, Valerie rolled her chair into the kitchen, which had been outfitted with three computer screens and a map of the city tacked the wall. She opened the cupboard and turned the tower on, putting on a headset as she waited for the machine to boot.

After a few seconds of waiting impatiently, she flung open the cupboard door to ensure that she everything was set up properly. The force of the opening made a loud banging sound on the door next to it. This woke the man in the living room.

"What's going on?" He started.

"There's a robbery. Bennet's on his way."

"But he doesn't have the grapples!" He held up the disks.

Valerie swore under her breath and turned to the monitors which displayed a satellite feed of the area. "Balister." She spoke into the headset. "Get back here and get your grapples."

There was no reply.


She detected a vibration from near her hand. His earpiece lay on the counter next to the keyboard. She sprung out of her chair and snatched the disks from the old man.

"I'll have to give these to him. He's probably walking towards the bank now."

He stared helplessly as she strode toward the door. "Be careful not to throw out your-" The door slammed shut. "...knee."

The End

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