[The Paragon Legacy] New Heroes #1: Rise of the Red Column

A terrorist faction called the Red Column Insurgency Corps. has preformed a string of bank robberies that are building up to something big. Can the rookie super-hero Ben Ballister stop them in time to save America?

Author's Note: This is an idea that I've been wanting to actually write down for a long time now. This page, along with the others, will definitely be updated before I'm done, so I'm going to list the updates at the top of the page. I look forward to seeing your feedback. Thanks for reading.

Paragon Legacy #1: Rise of the Red Column

The three sounds that broke the silence at 1503 Richardson Plaza could be attributed to the each of of the three people that sat in the three desks that occupied the re-purposed living room. The first was the scratching of a swift pen on paper mingled with the occasional clack of a laptop keyboard from the cluttered desk of Deputy Director Valerie Hutchins. The second was a noticeable, yet unobtrusive snoring from a large and old man snoozing at a desk of scattered wires and wire clippers; screwdrivers of all imaginable sizes; a soldering iron; two small disks, half of an inch high and three times that in diameter; and a small tin marked with the three triangles that indicate radioactivity.

The last sound, which was the most prominent, came from a pen being tapped restlessly on a desk, the neatness of which betrayed it's lack of use. This last sound, if it did not annoy anyone else, infuriated the Deputy Director, who, after a valiant attempt to ignore the sound and not erupt at the person without whom the organization would not exist (For he had the unique distinction of being the only Special Operative in the Department of Special Operatives) threw her pen onto the table.

"Ballister!" The young man glanced up at her with an air of relief. "Cut out the tapping!"

He glanced dejectedly at his pen, and placed it on the table next to a stack of  spotless lined paper. He almost began tapping at the desk with his fingers, but caught himself.

"Are you sure there isn't something I could be doing write now?

"Other than sitting at that desk and waiting for the police scanner to tell you what to do? No."

"I've been sitting at this desk for a week now. It's like crime stopped the day I started working here."

"That's good, it means we're doing our jobs."

The End

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