Chapter Six

Eva was led through magnificent hallways, with extravagant paintings and murals that, on closer inspection, were done in crayon and colored pencil. She shook her head. How had she never noticed them before, all the detail they contained? She had a feeling she was going to be continually amazed with her dream.

She somehow found herself wishing hat she would never wake up.

Finally, with many twists, turns, and several flights of stairs, they arrived at the dinning hall. Lucinda-bell told her where to sit and gave her several instructions, then opened the door.

Eva took a deep breath as a page announced her.

"Now presenting Princess Eva, of…"

He looked at her, the question in his eyes. Eva quickly scanned her brain, reminding herself of the cover story that Charles had come up with. With everything else, they hadn't covered what the name of her land was, so she said the first thing that came to her mind:


The page looked a little confused, obviously having never heard the word before. But he turned and continued his announcement.

"Presenting Princess Eva, from the land of Chicken."

The little girl laughs. "Mommy, there's no place called chicken. Chicken is just a yummy food!"

Her mother smiles. "Yes, dear. But they didn't know that."

Eva felt a little shy walking up the steps to the big platform where Prince Leo and Princess Amelia sat, along with their advisors.

While Princess Amelia was sweet and kind and funny and open, Prince Leo seemed very drawn back and didn't talk much. Though throughout various times during dinner, Eva could feel his eyes in her. It sent shivers down her back and a blush along her cheek. Prince Leo was quite handsome…

Eve shook her head. She couldn't think like that. It was just a dream. And besides, he was a paper doll and she was a human. Nothing could ever happen between them.

She tried to block him out and focus on dinner. She had nice conversations with Princess Amelia, and by the end of the night they both felt like sisters, although it was quite a task for Eva to remember her cover story and not give away anything that might make them suspicious.

After what felt like hours for dinner, Eva was finally allowed to leave for bed. She slightly stumbled out of the dining hall, a headache from too much thinking and drowsy from too much food.

She was just wondering how she was going to get back to her room when Charles appeared. He had a large smile on his face.

As he arrived, he gave a deep bow meant only for a princess. Eva blushed and giggled.

"Charles, you know I'm not really a princes."

He put a finger to his lips, barely covering a smile. Then he placed Eva's hand on his arm.

"Yes, but they don't know that."

He had a mischievous glint in his eyes that made Eva laugh. She and Charles had a lovely conversation on the way to her room, and by the time they arrived she could not breath from all of her laughter.

She bid Charles farewell and closed the door behind her.

When she turned, she was startled to see a figure leaning against her wall.

The End

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