Chapter Five

Her room was a splendid golden colour, with ornate orange decoration on the walls. Looking around, as the door was pulled closed behind her by a servant, she noticed that there was a lot of detail for this to be a dream. Not that it could be anything else, but... It all felt so very real! Insofar as one can feel real when made of paper. The colours of the castle were garish and brighter than buildings usually are, but then again, dreams exaggerate things

Contemplating whether this was a dream or not was too big a thing for right now, when her head was whirling with what had just happened. She'd met her paper dolls. Her very own favourite dolls, and they were ruling over her world. They were, it had to be admitted, slightly less friendly than she would have liked, but how could she blame them really? She wasn't anything to them, how could she expect effusive welcomes? Prince Leo was so handsome, it was much easier to see that when he was the same size as her. Charles was too, but...

"Anyway!" she thought, and shaking her head, she looked around the room. There was a bed in the corner, a big, soft, inviting bed (she was believed to be a princess, so she was to be kept in luxury) which drew her like a magnet. After the adventures she had just undergone, she thought it would be justifiable if she were to sleep for a while. It was weird that she could feel tired in a dream, though.

Laying down in the bed, she pulled the blanket up to her chin. It made a crinkling noise, and with a jolt of realization, she ascertained that it was made of paper. It was much cosier than she'd expected, and within seconds she was asleep, despite her buzzing head.

"But if she's in a dream, how can she go to sleep?"

"That's exactly what she was wondering too, honey."

She woke suddenly, to the sound of a taptaptap on her door. It was quiet but insistent.

"I, uh... I'm coming." She called out hoarsely.

"Don't worry Madam, you just need to get ready for dinner."

"What?" asked Eva, opening the door. There was a large, robust looking woman with big, cartoon-like eyes and a small rosebud mouth standing outside, holding a bag in each hand.

"Prince Leo has declared that you will dine at the royal table tonight, alongside him and The Six."

"Who are the six?"

"Oh dear, they said you were new, but... Oh well. They're the Prince's trusted advisers and friends. You must win their favour if you are to last long here. I am the dressmaker, I have come to help you with your dress."

"But I have a dress, it's lovely, and it's new." Eve gestured to the blue one she was wearing.

"That's won't do, it's too plain, and besides, it's not new... They have already seen you in it. But I'll see what I can do."

With a bossy nudge, she pushed Eve inside.

"Stay very still. You don't want me to cut you do you? I am the most skilled seamstress in all the land, but that'll do no good if you move about all over the place."

She then flew into a frenzy; with tiny scissors she cut of bits off paper at Eva's waist, to make it more fitted. She cut the sleeves into a different shape, the neckline and the hemline too. She added bits of pink paper and tiny white flower shapes, all with a tiny stick of glue and a steady hand.

"Now stay still to dry for a moment" she said, packing all the bits and bobs back into the bags. "Here's a mirror."

It was a silvery piece of paper, and when Eva touched it, she realized it was tin foil. When she saw her reflection, she forgot about the peculiarities of the place, and gasped. It was a whole new dress!

With a knowing smile, the seamstress told her to come along "It's time to dine now. My name is Lucinda-bell by the way."

Eva realized who the seamstress was at the exact same time as she realized she had no idea how to have a meal with royalty.

"Lucinda-bell... You're the Fairy Godmothe-"

"Shhh!" the seamstress hissed in shock. "How did you know that? There's not a one in this land who knows my secret!"

"Uhh... Sorry" Eva said, scared. "I'm not, I'm not from around here." 

"I'll have to talk to you another time about how you came by this information. For now heed this: If you tell a single soul, vile your shall punishment be." she glared violently at Eva.

"I... Okay." Eva nodded, scared, and then followed Lucinda-bell out through the door.

The End

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