Chapter Four

Eva took a deep breath and stepped into the throne room, desperately wishing Charles had stayed with her.

She could barely contain her excitement when she saw what awaited her inside the room.

In the center, on his throne, sat Prince Leo, looking bored, and beside him his sister, Princess Amelia. She had a grand smile on her face, making her look genuinely happy to be there.

Spread out around the room before them were five forms that Eva knew well. Rose, the plump fairy  in her cute little pink dress and fluffy white wings; Eiros, standing beside Leo in a tuxedo,  ready for orders; Betty and her twin brother Arnold, both trying very hard to pay attention but failing; and lastly the fancy Ms. Dazzling, acting like she was better than everyone.

Eva curtsied in front of Prince Leo, and stood waiting for his response. It took a few minutes, but finally he asked, "Who are you?"

It Eva a few seconds to recall he cover story. As she replied, she hoped none of them noticed her stumble.

"My name is Eva. I come from the a far away land, but alas, my people have turned against me. So I come to Seek refuge and humbly request a stay here, just until it is safe to return to my own country."

Prince Leo still looked bored. He turned to his sister Amelia, who had a worried look on her face.

"What do you think, Princess?" he asked.

She shook he head. "I'm not sure yet."

So the whole group, excluding Eva, stood on a circle that resembled that of a football huddle.

The little girl giggles. "Mommy, princes and princesses don't huddle."

Her mother smiles. "How should you know? Have you ever seen a real prince or princess?"

When the little girl shakes her head, her mother smooths her hair. "Just be silent and listen, ok darling?"

The girl nods.

When the group split, Eva noticed Leo looking at her. For some reason, this made her blush.

He nodded at her, and said simply, "You may stay."

She was quickly ushered out and taken to a room before her mind could even process what had just happened. Was she really staying in her very own castle?

The thought was too much to bear. It must to be a dream.

The End

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