Chapter Two

The first thing that Eva noticed when she woke up was that her body felt lighter. But upon hearing voices, she decided that it was best to lay still until they moved away. So she shut her eyes tightly hoped they would leave soon.

And they did. They quickly filed out, not wanting to bother with a lower class.

But little did Eva know that one had stayed.

She opened her eyes and sat up, stretching. As she stood up, she heard a rustle come from the bushes. Startled, she turned to see a boy, not much older then herself. Judging from his clothes, he was a castle page.

But there was something different about him. And looking down at herself, Eva realized that she was the same.

She had turned into one of her paper dolls.

But she was not yet ready to admit this to herself, so she kept up the impression that she was still human, assuming that she was only asleep and that it was only a dream. It was the only possible explanation.

Squinting at the page, she vaguely remembered him, but didn't use him much. Hence why he was all the way out there, she guessed.

The page bowed to her, then looked up at her with a shy smile.

She smiled back.

"Hello, m'lady." he said with a strange accent that was somehow soothing. "My name is Charles."

Eva smiled at him. "Good evening, Charles. My name is Eva."

"Mistress Eva, what are you doing in this part of the woods?" he asked her, a look of concern on his face. "This is no place for a woman of your beauty."

Eva smiled at his sly complement. Then she shook her head.

"Honestly, I have no idea." she told him.

And without meaning to, she spilled her whole story.

Charles just stood there and nodded once in a while, not interrupting  once. Once Eva was finished with her tale, Charles just looked at her and simply said, "I see."

Eva was shocked and confused.

"You mean, you believe me?" she asked.

Charles nodded. "I have always believed in a higher power. This is the best explanation I have heard thus far. Yes, I believe your tale, young Eva."

His calling her young annoyed Eva to no end. He was only a year or two older then her himself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by him speaking once more.

"We need to come up with your story."

She looked at him, confused.

He laughed. "Although I believe you, there are those out there that would accuse you of witch craft and tear you to peices, or worse."

Eva gulped. "So what do you suggest?"

After much conversation and debate, they both settled on an alibi.

"Mommy, what's an alibi?" the little girls asks.

Her mother smiles. "A cover story. You know, like when spies go under cover, they come up with an alibi; an identity different from who they are so that way no body knows who they are."

The little girl nods, satisfied. "Keep going, please!" she says excitedly.

Before being taken to the castle, Eva had to buy new clothes.

They searched through all of the shops in town, looking for the perfect dress. Finally, they found one.

It was a gorgeous blue that made Eva's eyes pop. It was the perfect dress for a princess.

It wasn't until her castle came into view that Eva finally admitted to herself the truth.

She really was one of her dolls.

Eva shook her head and reminded herself firmly that it was all a dream.

The End

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