The Plan

            I pushed myself up, my dark hair haloing my face. The dust filled my lungs, making me choke and cough. Slowly, I sat up and rubbed my face while I glanced about in confusion.

            Beside me, the girl who had introduced herself as Cody began to uncurl from the fetal position she had used to protect herself. In front of her Avery was kneeling, staring ahead with an expression of shock.

            I could see into the room that she had come out of. I too, had been summoned by the council. Now the room was falling apart.

            Even as I watched, more of the ceiling collapsed and there was an eerie silence after the announcement made on the intercom.

            Attack? I wondered. We’re under attack?

            Suddenly, the man who delivered the box stood up with a gun in the crowded hallway filled with debris and dust.

            “Everyone! Get on the ground now!” He shouted raising the gun.

            Shots could be heard echoing down the halls. It seemed that the security and enemy forces had met somewhere, but we were unable to move. Personal firearms were not permitted in the base, so it could be assumed that no one had a gun in that hallway other than the enemy undercover agent.

            I sighed, lost in thought, as Avery crawled back over to us and Cody looked around with wide eyes.

            “We need to get out of here,” Avery hissed through her teeth.

            “You don’t say,” I answered, raising an eyebrow.

            She glared at me. “We’ve got to make sure Pandora’s Box stays out of their hands, but how?”

            Cody looked over her shoulder at the enemy guard, “I don’t know if we’ll be able to get the gun away from him.” She looked to her left and pulled out a keychain flashlight. “What if we shut the power in the building off?”

            Avery nodded and licked her lips nervously. “The power room is down that hall, but we need to distract the guard.”

            “Leave that to me,” I spoke up and immediately regretted my decision.

            Avery looked up her eyes full of questions, but Cody interrupted. “Okay but once we get to the power room; we won’t have a lot of time before they turn the power back on.”

            “We’ll turn off the power and beeline it for the chamber where they keep the Box,” Avery said. “We’re going to have to work fast.”

            Cody agreed and the two began discussing all the fine details of the plan while I focused on weaving some sharp shards of magic.

            My abilities fascinated the Society even if I refused to tell them much about myself. They kept me hidden and now I could be throwing it all away.

            It was just a chance I would have to take.

            I felt the shards I had imagine fall into my hands but I knew that I did not have much time. “We have to go now,” I said suddenly, surprising Cody and Avery.

            Avery frowned and glanced at my cupped hands but Cody, seeing my expression, pulled her back. “Let’s go,” she said, nodding to me.

            Turning back to the guard, I took a deep breath and whispered into my hands. The shards danced at the sound of my voice and shot forward, stabbing his hand that was holding the gun and his leg.

            I saw him grabbing for his radio as I turned and ran pulling my accomplices behind me.

            It has begun again.

The End

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