The Library Incident

            Rain danced upon the window sill as I gazed outside, my mind playing with the idea of finding a horror book among the ancient shelves. The library was its own world within the Society’s headquarters. I looked down at my home work I was required to finish.

            It was my goal to become a field agent. I personally admired Avery Violet who had quickly made her way up the ranks. She was in her late teens but she was already one of the Society’s top agents.

            Me? I’m stuck here doing homework, waiting for something to happen. Maybe if I were more outgoing…

            No, I couldn’t think like that if I wanted to get to the top. I had to be positive. Sighing, I looked back down at my paper. I was sure it was going to be a long night.

            Unable to focus, I glanced up at the clock. It was 9:30. In half an hour I would be kicked out of the library. Just as I was about to turn back to my work, I saw something that made me freeze.

            Cody was printed onto a file that a man at another table was examining closely. Cody was my name. As a child I had been adopted by the Society. Since I had no definite last name, my name was left as Cody.

            I didn’t recognize him, but he could have been new. There was no way for a random person to waltz into the headquarters. His hair was neat and he was dressed nicely but something about his face threw me off.

            His features seemed off. Individually every part of his face made sense, but put together they just seemed wrong…

He also had an air about him and not wanting to be caught staring, I looked back down at my paper.

            As we sat there silently, I could feel his eyes move in my direction every once in a while. I was getting nervous now. Why was he reading about me? How had he gotten the file in the first place? Those files were locked away with access barely granted to anyone.

            Something was wrong.

            I wondered if it was a test but my gut was telling me it wasn’t. Even if it was a test why would it be happening now? I didn’t have the qualifications yet.

            No, something was totally wrong here. Mustering the courage, I glanced up and was met by his colorless eyes. I gasped but could not pull my gaze away. A breeze ruffled my short hair.

            Just then, a popping noise exploded above me as a light burst. Shards of glass tumbled from the ceiling as I tried to back away.

            I managed to dodge the majority of it, but a shard of glass somehow managed to slice open a cut in my arm. The blood dribbling out was nearly invisible against my dark skin. However as I glance up I saw that the man and file were gone.

            In slight confusion, I glanced up at the place the broken light was once, to the place where the man was at, back to my arm.

            Had that light exploding really been a consequence?

            I could have never imagined that this incident would lead to what came next.

The End

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