The Raven Queen

I was sinking. I remember the cold hands grasping my arms with fingers like talons, and dragging me into the deep. An amber sky was barely visible through the shadows and was slowly slinking away.

            And all I could do was watch.

            My world was slipping away and there was nothing I could do. Nothing. And worst of all it was my entire fault. I could have stopped this but I didn’t.

            While I sunk thinking bitter remorseful thoughts, I noticed something different about me.

            Raven wings stretched upward, feebly reaching for the last rays of light. They were my wings and at the moment I realized something.

            I had become her.

            I awoke screaming in bed. In a panic, I flung the sweat drenched sheets off the bed and stood up.

            It took me awhile to recover my bearings and realize that I was safely in my bedroom in the apartment I lived in. The apartment was a gift from the Society after I was “discovered”. Filled with thoughts of the Society, I took a deep breath and ran a hand through my long, black hair, which was tousled by sleep.

            I glance idly around the room until my gaze fell upon an open book on my nightstand. The first thing I saw were the words, The Morrigan is the Celtic goddess of mainly war and death—

            I closed the book not wanting to read on. After I closed it, I placed the book back onto the bookshelf where it belonged.

            Sighing, I walked towards the tiny bathroom tucked next to the closet. The doorknob turned easily in my hand as the door creaked open. Behind the door was an out of date bathroom with the bare necessities required.  I walked into the bathroom, the cold tile chilling my bare feet, and looked at myself in the mirror.

            I looked pale. Sickly even. Bags hung below my dark eyes only accenting how bad I looked.

            That dream had been occurring for some time now and it disturbed me. I longed to tell someone about it but they would have pushed it away, saying it was only a dream.

            But it wasn’t.

            She was real. I knew that much, but when she had spoken to me I rejected what she said. It couldn’t be true yet deep down inside me I knew it was.

            I turned on the water facet and splashed some cold water on my face. It made me come back to reality. I sighed again before I left the bathroom and walked to the window overlooking the outside world.

            I lived in one of the upper apartments so I had a good view of the surrounding area. I gazed calmly outside at the dawn sky. Golden sun tendrils grabbed at the fading starry sky. The sun itself was only beginning to peak over the horizon.

            Just at that moment, my home phone rang. Not in the mood to answer I continued looking out the window and listened to the answering machine.

            Hello, this is Mary Hendle. I’m away from my phone at the current moment to please leave your message. BEEP.

            Whoever it was did not leave a message and I was left watching people getting in their cars, ready to leave for work.

            It was surprising that nobody suspected that humanity’s existence was in danger. How people like me were all that stopped its destruction. There was one thing that I knew though.

I had a dream that I didn’t want to come true.

The End

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