The Delivery

This is only the first part. In it a girl named Avery is being delivered an important package.

            Menacing clouds swirled above my head and threatened rain to any unlucky passerby who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. A chilly breeze swept through my sweatshirt as easily as finding a cat bathing in the sun. My red hair kept falling out of the messy ponytail I had forced it into. I narrowed my eyes but refused to move from my post. Across the road from me were some woods I noticed. It’s always good to have a plan B.

            This had been the most important day of my life so far. In fact probably in all of my life. I was to receive a package. However it was no ordinary package.

            Many people want what it contained. They had hired thugs in attempt to receive the package. It could not fall into their hands. A plan had been devised by a select few within the Society. Two packages would be set out. One was a decoy, the other the real deal.

            The Society itself was a mystery. It did not have an official name and its only purpose was to keep its one and only treasure safe as it had done for thousands of years.

            I looked at my watch. It was 12:01. The package was late. I began to worry about the possibilities of why it might have been late.

            Had the truck been raided or stolen? Had the package even reached the truck? Was I even supposed to receive one? Was there a sudden change in plans?

            The bad weather did nothing to aid my mood. In under a minute I had sunk into a pool of anger and impatience within myself.

            I checked my watch again. 12:02. However, as I glanced up this time, I saw a truck barreling down the road towards me.

            I stepped out onto the pavement road and the truck slowed. As it passed, I reached up and grabbed the package from the passenger’s outstretched arm. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the truck sped away.

            Stepping back onto the sidewalk, I sighed with relief. The package had come. All I had to do now was get it to the drop off zone without being killed. Simple enough right? Wrong.

            When I turned away from the direction the truck had went, I saw two men dressed in dark suits walking towards me, thugs by the look of it. I wouldn’t doubt that they had pistols underneath their coats.

            As they came within speaking distance, the taller of the two men called in a silky voice, “Good afternoon Miss Avery Violet. I believe that you’ve received the wrong package.”

            I faked a smile and replied, “Oh no, I believe that this is in fact my package. I’m sorry but I don’t think we’ve met.”

            “Please give us Pandora’s Box. No more games,” the tall man said as he stared at me, his features sharp, while his associate walked forward and, indeed, pulled out a pistol.

            “Hand it over now,” he ordered in a rough voice, unlike his friend’s.

            I sighed inwardly. This wasn’t going to be easy. I sized up the situation. One young teenage girl against two grown men with guns. I could probably take them.

            “Look at that!” I said and both looked at where I was pointing for a second. It was only a second, but that was enough.

Without another word, I lunged forward and hit the short man in the face. He dropped his gun and grabbed his bleeding nose before falling back on his companion.

 I ran towards the woods I had seen earlier as they tumbled to the ground. The swearing and the pounding of feet I heard on the sidewalk indicated that they had recovered. A quick glance over my shoulder allowed me to see the short man struggling to hold his gun and nose at the same time, while his friend was standing a distance back, the barrel of his gun pointed towards me. It was time for plan B.

Luckily I made it to the trees before they could catch me. Gunshots sounded from behind me, but I continued running. The thick undergrowth and tree trunks protected me from the bullets.

I knew that their legs were longer than mine and that they had guns so they had an advantage. My only choice was to shake them from my trail and circle back.

Just as I was thinking about this I saw the perfect tree. If I climbed that tree, I decided that I would be able to hide and climb down after they passed me.

As I ran to the tree I heard a gunshot and I gripped my arm in pain. The bullet had grazed it and I dropped the package. I turned back to grab the box but the short thug tackled me before I could reach it.

He shoved me to the ground and put his gun to the back of my head. For the first time I felt fear pulse through me.

It was vital that they did not open Pandora’s Box. Once it had brought the evils of society in its opening, this time it might bring something even worse.

I looked up as the tall one leaned down and picked up the fallen box, now wet from the damp ground. Suddenly, I began to laugh hysterically.

He looked at me in puzzlement as he opened the box. Inside was an old toy package filled with rocks.

“You were right,” I laughed. “I did receive the wrong package.”

I had been the decoy. The real Pandora’s Box was safe. For now.


The End

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