The drives itself was short, and before I knew it we were parked and headed towards the  the bar. I hesitate. It's a hookah bar, I correct myself. A small hole in the wall spot in the middle of Denton where I've visited with some friends from UNT. I mean, they serve alcohol, don't get me wrong- its a college town. The place even has stripper poles added in, tucked into random spots for girls who get a little too drunk or those who are overly confident with their bodies. I have never touched one, and never will. I'm not an idiot, I know I don't have near the body nor the strength or coordination to even try to attempt such a thing. Nope, I keep my feet on the ground.

         "This is so cool!" Ashley calls out beside me. I flinch when I feel someone touch my arm, only to find Hayes's hand guiding me through the room.

         We find a spot towards the back, and take a seat. The room as usual is pitch black, except for random items people are wearing that glow under the backlights. I glance around our corner, which includes one table a long black booth, and two small cube blocks that act as chairs, and find I'm the only one wearing a white shirt. The room itself sits in a haze; white smoke billowing around us. In front of us, menus rest atop our table giving us different flavors to choose from. At the table next to us a girl laughs and slides down a pole. I swallow, and shift against my seat in the booth. Across from me I notice Wes starring, his eyes falling on me with a heaviness I cant place.

          The moment back in his car flashes through my head, and a heat quickly finds my cheeks again. I reach for a menu, and try to refocus. Breathe. Just breathe. Thankfully it was dark so he couldn't see that I was blushing. Why am I always so dang clumsy, I ask myself. The image of Wes's deep blue eyes, and incredible smile fill my head. I'll admit he is gorgeous, short brown hair, a strong jaw line, and from what I can see so far he's definitely an athlete. His arms are muscular, his chest and back. I mean, Ash didn't prepare me for this. Cute is one thing, being a replica of a God is another. Wes was far more than cute.

         "Hello? Brynn, Hel-lo?" Ashley snaps me out of my thoughts. Her hand waving in my face as if I had been zoned out pretty far. "Damn, is everyone ignoring me today? Do I have a sign on my back that says, 'Ignore me?' Shit." She finishes, and drops her arm.

         "Sorry, I got side tracked." About Wes, and his muscles and his eyes and, "What did you say?"

       "I was trying to ask what you wanted?" She said. Her fingers busy twirling a highlighter around in circles as she did. I glanced around the table once more, and found Hayes sitting next to me. His small cube chair pulled closer than before. "We all think Sex On The Beach is the way to go, but you've been here a lot so we wondered if you had tried it yet, and if so, if it was any good?"

        I watch her smile, her teeth an off white under the light. I opened my mouth, and then shut it. Do mine look like that? "What's your favorite?" A voice calls across the table. It's Wes.

        My favorite? Hmm. "I like anything coconut, or with blue raspberry?" I offer. He smiles then, and unlike Ash, his is pure white. "I've never had Sex On The Beach."

           Just then our server strolls up, a thin girl with pixie styled hair, dressed in a bikini. Pressed against her body were lip prints in highlighter ink. They started around her mid calf but then trailed off the rest of her with no real pattern at all. I wonder if she gets asked to be kissed, or if its just something she accumulates like tips through the night. "Well, aren't you two just the sexiest guys here!" The girl laughs, and steps closer between the guys. Ash and I exchange a look then, and together roll our eyes. "What can I get you?"

          "Why don't you grab us one Sex On The Beach, and one anything coconut or blue raspberry." Wes answers her before anyone else has a chance to speak. A smile slips across my lips but, I try to hide it when I see Ashley's face. She's pissed, and Wes wasn't the only one to notice. The girl scribbles something, and then turns and walks away. I slink back in my seat, and sigh. Here we go.

         "Um, so I guess Brynn is going to have a hookah all to herself?" Ash asked, her words oozing annoyance. "Way to go Wes,"

          "Chill, Ash." He says, and leans over and to touch her arm. Instantly the highlighter she was spinning catches between her fingers and rolls off the table. "Its called sharing? Besides, I like those too."

          Ashley relaxes, and bends down to retrieve the highlighter. "So," Hayes says awkwardly. "Tells about yourself Brynnlee, how did you and my charming sister become besties?"


The End

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