The Package

A descriptive piece about a mysterious package. Written in two parts.

Was it footsteps? Or the sound of my own heartbeat attempting to leap out of my body like a rabbit trying to escape a fox's chase?

Anxious and slipping into a panic; i felt nervous and uptight as I waited on the rustic bridge. Twilight dawned accross the horizon, I could smell the ngiht creeping in as the eerie silence filled the atmosphere.
The impending darkness was looming now and a wave of adrenalin surged through my veins. Sounds of crunching twigs beneath my feet made the ghostly silence no less daunting thanit already was.

They'd be here soon.

The money rested in my sweaty palms. Rattling and clinking like mini machinary working overtime to conquer my paranoia an tranquilize my buzzing brain. My mind was tripping hopelessly trying to conjure up a plan to escape this enevitable, gruesome situation.

A taste of apprehension filled my mouth. Trees as tall as skyscrapers circled above my head, leaning in as if watching my every move.

The air felt damp, heavy; thieving winds were ready to steal away leaves on their path as they swept gently past. As more time wentby, nervous energy swelled within me, ready to rocket out of my mouth, obliterating my insides. I stepped cautiously backwards. As I did so a small group of birds hastely flew away, startling me. I spun round and my heart rate increased as I saw the dark figures approaching.

The End

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