The Package

I was about to doze off in my sweet, old friend.  Old Comfy is my dark brown, plush corduroy easy chair.   He's been with me for years.  He knows me and I know him.  And today had been an especially exhausting day.  So right after dinner,  I snuggled in with my bottle of Crown Royale, my recently purchased copy of the latest Robert Ludlum novel, and the peace and quiet of a September night in London town

With a sweet sip of the good stuff, page one.  I didn't even get to the first word, when the Westminster chimes of my well-priced doorbell rang. 


I went to the door and found nobody there, only a package wrapped in brown paper waiting for me to adopt it as something new of mine.

I have this thing about packages ... I just have to open them ... and when I opened this one, my life did take its turn.


The End

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