An ex-royal marine becomes a police officer in London. His bosses quickly become aware that they have something special in Jake

He thought this is it. The yawning barrel of the gun pointed at his chest. For the last almost 10 years he had been used to weapons and close combat, but this was different.

He knew there was no escape and they were upon him. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable to happen. The click and impact on his chest was over in seconds.

It was the squeal of his daughter that made him open his eyes again. The paint gun still held in her nine year old hand as she looked down on him. "Daddy I got you!"

"You did sweetcheeks," came his reply "I like my new yellow shirt." They both laughed, but deep down Jake knew his next challenge wouldn't be so easy. The police training would be tough, being nice to people, even tougher.

The End

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