Dinner at the Mansion

Sara sat down at the huge table. Across it was covered in spaghetti.

“Wad id?” Isaac Duncan asked, with his mouth full. Sara felt her face flush.

“Thanks.” She said, and took the bowl from him. Their hands brushed each other.  Sara felt her face get an even darker shade of red.

Tucker Lakes was sitting in the shadows in the corner. He stared at Sara jealously, but no one noticed.

“Hey, guys,” Amy Gale (the girl who the fiery picture was of) said suddenly. She took a gulp of milk, swished it around in her mouth a bit, and then spat it out, no longer milk, but fire. It went flying across the room towards Finn Berthos who fell backwards in his chair, and just as the fire was about to consume him, Amy inhaled sharply through her mouth and the fire went flying back into her mouth, and she swallowed it.

“Ow!” Finn said angrily from the floor. The glass chair that he had been sitting had completely shattered. Just at that moment Turquoise walked in.

“Amy!” she said. “Again?” Amy nodded, smirking. “Finn,” he nodded. “Clean up the chair.” Finn nodded and the chair flew back up, some pieces of glass pulling out of his skin, but the chair was completely repaired. He grumbled and continued to eat his half burned dinner. And now, everyone was at the table. Well, everyone that had that dinner period anyway.

That meant Turquoise Bloo, color definitionist, Jason Robertson, ice, Emma-Jane, forgetfulness, Amy Gale, fire, Isaac Duncan, light, Greg Enters, pain, Emily Stire, shape shifter, Annabella Richards, who could fly, Dahlia Weaver, absolutely invisible, Lilac Moravec could breathe underwater, Tucker Lakes, who could see in the dark, Finn Berthos, glass, Oliver Hayles, technology, Justin Hoffman, sharp objects, Sara Doyle, aim, and last but not least, Robert Freeman, prophecetic dreams.  Together, they were the Outlandish.

The End

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