Turquoise Bloo

          “GET OUT!” she shouted angrily. He left the room quickly.

          5 minutes later, he came back.

          “What do you want?” Turquoise snapped.

          “To bring you this.” He said, and gave her a hot fudge sundae. She took it gratefully, and scooped up a particularly large bite.

          “So what happened?” Jason asked. “What went wrong?”

          Turquoise swallowed and answered. “Meyers.” She said. Jason nodded.

          “We thought he’d be a problem,” Jason said.

          “No kidding.” Turquoise told him.

          “I’ll be back later.” Jason told her. “By the way, Sara is waiting in Classroom D for her private lesson with you.”

          “Okay.” Turquoise said. “I’ll be out in a moment.”

          Jason left, and Turquoise flung herself across her bed. She had failed. Completely. She had gone into the meeting to stop people like herself from getting killed, and she had just lost her temper like a hot-headed fool. Great.

          Turquoise stood up, and exhaled. A moment later, her green room went blue. That was better. Turquoise sighed happily and left the room.

The End

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