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Turquoise Bloo tries to protect mutants, or "the Outlandish" from prosecution.

                “Mutations are real. They can be found in farm animals, such as sheep, goats and cows. Here are some pictures.” The blue-haired woman took her laser pointer and drew circles around each specific area she was telling about.

          “This is a picture of an eight-hour old calf born in Iowa. It was born with 5 hooves. Would you kill this calf because it was born different?”

          Several people in the tables in front of her nodded. Feeling slightly encouraged, the woman continued.

“This is picture of a newly born lamb that still lives in Florida. The condition of having two or more heads is called polycephaly. It is also very common in reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and frogs. Many creatures are born with polycephaly. Are you going to kill each and every animal born with polycephaly?”

          The woman raised her eyebrows accusingly at the crowd and pressed a button on the laptop in front of her that changed the picture.

          “This is a 4 year old goat living in a lab in Massachusetts. Her name is Annie. Annie has a strange condition that makes her prone to more illnesses. She has been diagnosed with sicknesses we have never even heard of. Are you going to kill a defenseless being for laboratory study? Are you?” the woman questioned.

          “But this meeting is not about farm animals Ms. Bloo. It’s about people.” One of the men at the front table said.

          “Yes, yes.” Turquoise Bloo said impatiently. “I’m getting to that.” She pushed a button and a new picture came onto the screen, one of a girl with her hair on fire.

          “This picture is of a girl with the ability to control fire. As you can see, she is also safe from burns.”

          “And her name is?” said the same man who had spoken earlier.  He had a pen in one hand and was hovering over a clipboard.

          ‘I’m here to dissuade you from killing innocent people Mr. Myers, not feed you information on where to find the possible future victims of your completely pointless mass murder.”

          “It’s not pointless, Ms. Blue.” Mr. Meyers said exasperatedly. “It is to protect the citizens of the United States of America.”

          “And for you to dissect them in a laboratory and have teams of scientist dehydrate their parts!” Turquoise almost shouted.

          “No, that’s not the main purpose!” Said Mr. Meyers, rising out of his chair. “But while we’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to perform a few minor experiments on their dead bodies. It wouldn’t hurt to know what we’re up against and why the changes take place!”

          “We know why the changes happen! Turquoise shouted at him. “The mutation takes place when a high level of stress happens, usually in the teenage years or college!”

          “We need to know what we’re up against!” Meyers shouted to the crowd.

          “You wouldn’t need to know what you’re up against if you weren’t against them! They aren’t against you, Meyers, you are against them!” she shouted aggravated, forgetting all her manners.

          “Please leave, Ms. Bloo.” Mr. Meyers said to her. She made no attempt towards the door. “I said, please leave.” He said again voice rising.

 That was the last straw for Turquoise Bloo. She completely, 100%, exploded. There was no other word to explain her reaction.

“FINE!” she shouted. “FINE! GO AHEAD, KILL THEM ALL! I TRIED! BUT NO, I’M WRONG!  WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M NOT! YOU ARE! SO SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! AND YOU KNOW WHAT, I AM LEAVING! ON MY OWN TERMS! GOODBYE!” And with that, she grabbed her laptop, shoved it into her unorganized back pack, and walked out. She was still shouting as she walked down the white steps outside. She continued to shout to herself on the TCAT bus, (earning odd looks) on the side of the road, and all the way into her room in the mansion.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” Her boyfriend, Jason said, peeking his head into her room.

The End

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