I hugged my chest underneath a bush, the occasional cry of "Jojo!" piercing the otherwise silent night. I tried to pull my soaked shirt around me tighter, but I was still cold and numb, inside and out.

The rain splattered dirt on my shoes and pajamas, and it started getting loud enough to the point that I couldn't hear myself. Which was okay with me. I didn't want to think. If I thought, I would think about my dead older sister. And that would move me to tears again.

Soon enough, I passed out in the cold rain, shivering and coughing my lungs out. I could have hypothermia. Or some other deadly disease.

Good, I thought. Let me die right here in the rain.

When I woke, it was because some man was hovering over me in the rain. Or maybe it was just a teenager. I couldn't tell with the hoodie throwing shadows across his face.

"Hello, Josephine. Glad to see you still alive."

I didn't speak to him, but he knew I was awake. The street was deserted except for a black van.

He scooped me up and let me lie down in the car. He drove off with me, and a feeling of fear settled in my chest. Where was he taking me? I could tell by the rearview mirror that it was a teenager. But what would he want with me?

The End

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