The Outcasts


I leaned against the door, pressing my ear against the smooth coldness of it. I heard the voices inside, and this is what they said.

"I don't understand why we still keep the girl. She's only putting us all in danger!"

"She's important to the mission."

"Is the mission so important that we have to put all of our lives in danger?"

"The girl is staying here."

"Jojo isn't going to accept this challenge! She barely shows up to any training sessions!"

"Jo is staying. I'm not letting her leave."

"Alright then. But you're going to have to tell her about her family at some point."

"Her family is dead. There's nothing more to it."

I peeled my face away from the door and stared at it for a couple more seconds. My parents. My brother and sister. They're dead.

And the Inspector thought he was going to keep me in this dungeon once I heard the truth! As if!

I'm leaving this place. And I don't care if I die or not.

The End

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