The Outcast Chapter OneMature

I scrolled through the forest, like I had done many times before while I was tricking the other monsters. I was areful not to make a sound.


The sound of a stick breaking made the monster furious, so he used his sense of smell to guide the way.

Uh, oh, I had made a noise and the monster was now on my tail. Stupid Boot, if I hadn't worn these shoes I wouldn't be in this situation.

"Rwwaaarrr!" the monster yelled as he almost ate me in half. And his movements reminded me of a dream I hade when I was four.

In the dream I was being eaten by the monster that lived under my bed. When I was little I had called this a nightmare, but I was actually seeing the future. There was only one thing different, this monster didn't live under my bed. I didn't even have a bed. it lived someplace way worse.


The End

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