It happened

"Is someone here, please speak now." We waited for three seconds then suddenly the counter began to move to 'Yes'. My brother then asks "What is your name?" The counter moved towards the alphabet. It moved to 'C' then 'O' then 'L' twice then 'I' then stopped at 'N'. The spirit's name was Collin. I then ask "How old are you?" It moved towards the numbers slowly scratching the board. Collin was seventeen years old. But Collin said "He will kill you." Suddenly the door opened by itself creaking spookily and a kitchen knife was hovering towards us. It was going to kill us, it was a demon. My brother backed away and shouted. "Put the knife down and never return here again!"  And with that the knife clattered to the floor and the counter moved to 'Bye'. Then it spelled out "He listened, he won't return. It was a warning to you." Then there was a cold breeze and nothing happened for a very long time.

The End

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