The Ouija Board

Two brothers are using The Ouija Board unitl something goes completly wrong when they get in contact with a ghost with a demon.

This story is about one of the brothers who has experienced it.

It was his own fault that he used the stupid Ouija Board. No wonder it was invented in the first place, whoever made it has made a big mistake. My brother drew it on a chalkboard, there was the whole alphabet, numbers 0-9, 'Yes', 'No' and 'Bye', and a blue counter which he put in the middle. We both sat in his bedroom watching and waiting in silence.

I whispered to my brother "Remenber, we are only doing this once." He then replied with "We musn't fool around or it will happen." I started the first question, I was unsure it wasn't going to work.  

The End

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