Life Slipping AwayMature

There was a sign with my name on it in big letters in the crowd of people. I gasped and took a hold of my bags.

I ran and I was met by the squeals of one happy person. Make that two.

“Carrie, what are you doing here?” I yelled. She took one of my bags and pulled me along.

“I should be asking you. But I won’t because Ashton filled me in on the whole situation.” Carrie explained. “I’m taking you back to my place.”

I nodded and gave her a smile.

Her car smelt like men’s deodorant. I sniffed and snuffled and decided to open a window.

“Did he tell you what he did?” I spat. Carrie gave me a look and then shook her head. She sighed.

“He just said that you ran off and he thinks it had something to do with a girl named Summer.”

“Summer’s dad was the chief of the FBI. He found a file on Ashton from the last time he lived in America. She also found out who I really was. Then she showed me Ashton’s file. He was imprisoned in America when he was 12 years old because one night whilst everyone was sleeping, he slit his sister’s throat and then proceeded to his mother and father’s bedroom. He doused them both in petrol, waited for them to wake up and then lit a match and threw it. The whole house exploded into flames and he came out with a few burns. The neighbours called the fire brigade and they got the sister out before the whole house burned to the ground. According to the file, 12 year old Ashton laughed and told the fire fighters everything that he did.  He was put into juvenile detention. He was getting beat up in there by the older boys and so the police decided to put him on antipsychotics and sent him to a foster home in Australia.”

The silence in Carrie’s car went on for a while.

“I don’t get it.”

I frowned and stared at Carrie. How could she not get it? Carrie kept her eyes on the road. I was grateful for that.

“He was crazy. But, he lied about it, and he made me trust him and he made me trust Luke and look how that turned out.” I said. I wiped my eyes from tears.

“People can change you know.” Carrie said gently. We pulled up at her house and she put her hand on my arm. “You’re like a sister to me-

“My sister is dead.” I screamed. Carrie drew back and her bottom lip trembled. She bit it to stop the trembling. Carrie nodded and opened her car door.

“I’ve given you a bed and the spare bathroom. You can go in there and wash if you want. I want to help, Ari, I really do.” She said quietly. She went inside, into her mansion and left the door wide open. I left my bags in the trunk of her car and went inside.

I was going to apologise, but when I walked inside and saw Carrie hugging Luke I stopped dead in the hallway.

“Hey, Ari,” Luke called. He gave me a wave and I turned to Carrie with accusing eyes.

“You and him, huh, even after he almost KILLED me?” I shouted. Luke looked down and Carrie shook her head.

“He apologised. Luke’s actually really sweet, Ari, give him another chance. Why don’t you go up and have a shower and then we can talk.” Carrie said.

“Apologising just isn’t good enough if you almost kill someone.”

I stormed up the stairs and slammed the door to the shower.

I rifled through the drawers and stared angrily at the misplaced items. I went to close one of the drawers when I spied something which would change my life.

A pair of scissors sat lonely in the drawer behind a mish-mash of coloured hair bands.

I took it out and scrutinized it.

Everyone had betrayed me, even my own hallucinations. Maybe they hadn’t meant it, but they still betrayed me all the same. I held the scissors in the safety hold that the taught us throughout primary school.

I closed my eyes and exhaled. If I was going to do it, I had to do it now.

The scissors hit my skin but I didn’t follow through. I took a deep breath. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest.

The scissors pierced my heart and I knew it was almost over. For a moment, I could feel everything. I could feel everything I had ever felt before; every emotion and I gasped. I felt the blood pooling on the tiled floor beneath me and it soaked through my clothes as I fell to it.

And I realised what they were saying every time the phrase ‘my life flashed before my eyes’ was said.

I felt life slipping away and my life flashed before my eyes.

The End

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