There he was outside the house, sitting on the steps leading up the veranda. He looked perfect, as usual. I barked a goodbye to Summer and she drove off, as happy as she could be.

“You made it home alright.” Ashton mumbled as he stood up to hug me. I dodged his hug and slammed the door in his face. I ran down the hall and into my room. I heard the door open and then close behind me. “Vrailine- Wait up…”

“It’s too late, Ashton. I thought maybe you were the person that I was going to trust, the last person that kept on telling me the truth. But you never were. You lied, you told me all LIES.” I screamed.

My door banged shut. I took out my suitcase and piled all my clothes into it, all of my few belongings. I zipped the suitcase up and choked on tears.

“Vrailine, I don’t know what happened, I never lied to you, just come out here and we can set things straight.” Ashton said calmly. I screamed in frustration.

“Apart from the fact that your sister didn’t die, your whole family died and you lied about it- you murdered your dog and your gardener. I don’t know how you can stand to live.” I sobbed. I opened the door and pulled out my phone. “I’m going back home.”

“I’m sorry that I don’t want to tell you about that. I’m sorry that it kills me inside that I was crazy back then. But I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that I love you, Vrailine.” He exploded.

“My name’s Ari. And don’t you forget it.” I muttered.

I pushed past him and left.


The plane tickets that Ashton had bought with the credit card from the nice doctor were round trip because they were cheaper. Neither of us had planned to go back home when we bought them, but now, one of the tickets was being put to good use.

There was no one in the seat next to me and I was grateful for that. I was asked whether or not I wanted food and I was also asked whether or not I would like some champagne. I said no to both and lay back, depressed, lonely and sad. I reached into my carry-on bag and pulled out a beige cardigan.

It didn’t do much for the cold.

The voice over the loudspeaker told us to turn off all of our electronics and so I pulled out a book and pretended to read it when really my mind was off into space.

My first day at a new school and everything was always ruined. It seemed that everywhere I went, things got ruined. The only person it seemed that I could trust was Carrie. As soon as I got off this plane, I was going to take whatever means of transport to get to Carrie’s house.

Kansas soon disappeared from view, and a few hours later, so did America. We were over open water.

I stared at the ripples and currents in the water, so obvious from so high above. We flew above the clouds and I fell asleep to the sounds of the engine roaring and the small conversations of the other passengers.

I felt a tear slip down my cheek and drip from my chin onto my chest. It came to rest there and I curled up into a ball. I sobbed silently.

No one cared.

The End

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