Never Even BrokenMature

“Honey, I’m just going to take off your cast. It will hurt because it hasn’t set right and we have to re-break it to set it straight.” I flinched as my cast was touched and I opened my mouth to scream but then I felt my other hand being squeezed.  I squeezed back and realised that it was Ashton. Carrie was in the corner, her eyes shut and a slight snore coming out of her every few seconds. Luke was nowhere to be seen.

“Do what you have to… Did you fix my chest?” I asked hopefully. The doctor nodded.

“Your chest is actually fine, the stitches came out, that’s why you were bleeding and now it’s just a small scab. I’ve been filled in on your situation and I want to help you.” She said simply. I stared at her. There was an awkward silence which filled the room, increasing the tension by a lot. “And, I have watched a lot of movies. You need to move out of the country, change your name and your image and start over. Go to America and just start your life again.”

Ashton held my hand tightly. I glared at him and heard a yawn in the corner coming from Carrie.

“What did I miss?” She asked.

“Apparently I’m moving out of the country.” I snarled. Carrie rolled her eyes.

“You should so totally do that! Get away from everyone.”

“I don’t want to go alone though.” I cried. Ashton nodded silently.

“That’s why I’ve decided to come with you.” He told me. Carrie stood up and smoothed out the creases in her purple top. She was wearing a bracelet which I gave her when we were younger.

I shook my head. Did he forget that he had a life here with parents and with lots of people who were his friends? I had two friends and three dead family members.

“What about your parents?” I asked him. The doctor helped me sit up while she worked on my arm. I was surprised that I couldn’t actually feel anything that she was doing. “What are you going to do about them?”

“They don’t care about me. They cared about my sister. She died, and I was forgotten. I left to stay with Luke and when I came back they hadn’t even realised that I was gone.” He argued. I knew he was right. “We’re leaving as soon as you get the bandage off your chest and the cast off your wrist.”

He smiled and the doctor looked at my arm.

“What the hell?” She yelled. She dropped my arm and Ashton dropped my other hand. “Your arm is healed…. How long did you have the cast on for?” She asked me quietly. I shrugged and looked at it. It looked fine. Maybe it was never broken at all and the weird doctor Nefar and the orange haired bitch just pretended that something was wrong with me so I would have to stay and get tested for mental problems.

I knew I had mental problems, it was obvious. But I didn’t need to be tested for them and then have my suspicions confirmed.

“Maybe it was never broken.” I suggested. The doctor nodded, unsure of her own knowledge. She checked the bandage around the bottom of my ribcage. She took the bandage off. She already knew that my chest was partly healed.

“I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but you definitely have to get out of the country before the others start questioning why you have already healed. I’ll have the correct documents and tickets to Kansas in America tomorrow morning. Mr Ashton and Ms Carrie… Take care of her in the meantime.” The doctor spoke in a shaky tone and I looked down. There was no trace of the metal bar which had lodged itself up my ribcage and near my heart. Ashton sat next to Carrie and they both conferred for a while whilst I drifted into a dreamless, half-awake state. The doctor left the room in a hurry, muttering to herself and not paying any attention to the door she left open and the people she was bumping into.


Carrie was lucky that we were remotely the same size. I was wearing her jeans and her singlet. She insisted that I throw out all of the stuff I brought, including the suitcase.

“It just reminds you of Ali and that makes you crazy.” She had said.

I obliged because I knew that she was correct, as usual. Ashton had insisted that he only changed his last name so that he was Ashton Cooper. I was supposed to be traveling as his girlfriend, and that was fine with both of us.

“You should change your name to Evening Desme!” Ashton suggested. I shook my head and laughed. Carrie shook with laughter as she drove.

“You are terrible at girl’s names!” I exclaimed. He changed his expression from excitement to bewilderment. Carrie’s suggestions weren’t great either. I sighed and racked my brain.

I found it funny that even though I wanted Ali to still be alive, it was easier for me to forget about her and move on than to wallow about and go crazy.

“I know! Vrailine Smith.” I smiled and immediately loved my new name.

We called the guy who was supposedly supplying our documents and told him the names we had chosen. Carrie was going to go back to school and live her normal life. We gave her our new numbers and after she dropped us off at the airport, we hugged, and waved at her as the last reminders of our old lives disappeared behind many other cars leaving Sydney airport.

I was lucky that Ashton was here and we held hands as we entered the building that was going to take us on a path to our new lives…..

The End

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