Fight For MeMature

“You wouldn’t even know her if it wasn’t for me.” Ashton yelled. Luke glowered at him.

“Yeah, well who did she kiss first?” Luke retorted. If I was still speaking to him and the fight wasn’t about me then I would have told him that it was a great comeback. Although they didn’t know that I would have kissed Ashton if I had the chance.

“It would have been me if she had the chance.” Ashton said. I was surprised that he seemed to be saying things from my mind. Luke frowned and I remembered telling both of them something that I only meant the first time I said it.

“She told me that she-

“She told me that she-

They both said simultaneously. I sighed.

“Carrie I have to get out there and set things right with both of them. Trust me; it will make it a lot easier if we all get along. Especially since we don’t know how long we are going to be spending here.” I told Carrie. She nodded.

I took a deep breath and thought of Ali.

“No.” I muttered. I shouldn’t think of Ali because then she would probably appear and make me feel like a nut case again.

I made it to the door and opened it; both Luke and Ashton turned towards me and I folded my arms self-consciously.

“Guys… I think I have to tell you both something.” I started. They glared at each other. A bird flew overhead and squawked loudly. “I said some things that I didn’t mean, and I’m sorry and I’ve come to put things right.”

I felt a weird sensation run through me and it made me walk forward until I was standing right in front of Ashton.

“Why did you leave with Beau?” He asked brokenly.

“C’mon! You get everything you want! You’re a spoilt little brat who-”

Luke stopped talking as Ashton grabbed him by his shirt and threw him to the ground. Ashton picked him up and forced him to stand up straight and tall. And then Ashton punched him in the face.

“NO!” I screamed. Luke retaliated by grabbing me and pulling me into a headlock. I was the one to start choking now and I could feel all breath leaving my lungs. Ashton put his hands up and tried to call a truce but without enough oxygen in my brain, I fainted and fell onto the ground without failing to fall onto the rock path instead of the grass. The sun disappeared and I heard Carrie screaming and Ashton took me in his arms like he did not so long ago. I opened my eyes for a moment and saw Carrie punching Luke’s stony figure in the arm repeatedly. I groaned and involuntarily threw up onto the grass before putting a hand on Ashton’s cheek and I fainted for good.


“So even though she had surgery in her chest and has a cast on her arm, you decide to headlock her? You are a mindless dickhead, who, may I just add, has no experience on how to treat girls.”

My brain informed me that Carrie was speaking. I smiled a small smile.

“Hey, I’m sorry! I was taught to take what was precious to another if I got in a fight. Its second nature and I am very sorry…” There was a silence and scuffling. Someone was slapped. “Ouch! Please don’t punch me again…” Luke squealed.

I felt the beanbag underneath me shift and it took me a while to realise that I was on someone’s lap.

“Carrie…. We settled everything. As long as Ariel is ok, we will accept her decision, “said Ashton. I opened my eyes and settled them on Ashton’s face. He smiled. “Hey.”

“Hey… Um…” I tried to stand up but almost fell down; and realised that the pain in my chest was unbearable. My cast was throbbing painfully too. Carrie held the arm that wasn’t weighed down by a cast and Ashton gently held the other.

“Are you ok?” Ashton asked me. I nodded. Luke swallowed and put out his hand.

“I realise now that you didn’t actually like me, you were confused, drugged, and is your chest supposed to bleed like that?” He yelled halfway through his sorry speech.

“Oh so now you’re lo- wow, Ari he’s actually right.” Carrie looked down at my chest and yelped. I looked down and put a hand to the blood which was silently seeping through my shirt. I didn’t want to faint before, and I didn’t want to faint now, but as the blood pooled on the floor beneath me, I frowned, felt lightheaded and was caught by Ashton as I fainted again.

I was scared that I would end up in another mental institute. I was almost conscious, and I mumbled incomprehensible words.

“Ari, we’re taking you to the local town hospital. You’ll be alright.” Carrie yelled as she ran alongside me. Luke was starting the car and I opened my eyes.

“I don’t want to go back to the mental institute. Please.” I begged. Carrie shook her head.

“Just a normal hospital,” She promised.

I felt secure with Ashton and Carrie, so I closed my eyes and tried to let the fear leave me.

It didn’t.

The End

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