Half an hour later, Carrie was sitting next to me and I was almost finished telling her everything that had happened. I also included the memories and Ali appearing to me everywhere.

“So then I looked back and Luke looked like he was crying and I closed the door, sat down and cried too. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, I was in this bed and then Ali talked to me and told me she would never see me again for a long time. Then you walked in and she disappeared.” I shrugged. Carrie brushed a tear away from her eye.

“You have such a dramatic life!” She said. I knew that she was serious, and I didn’t take any offence because that was just the way that Carrie was. I nodded. She was right, even though I brought it on myself.

“I have missed you so much, Carrie.” I sighed. Carrie smiled and hugged me again.

The door opened and Ashton took a step forward. I didn’t look at him and he didn’t look at me.

“Carrie…” He rested his eyes on me for a second before gazing at the lake out the window. “Luke and I are going to the town to get some food for later…” Carrie gave him an evil stare.

“And we needed to know that why?” She growled.

“Hey, why are you going off at me for a mistake that I didn’t do?” He whined. He pointed out the door towards the kitchen. “I wasn’t the one to-

“Shut up! You guys never know when to stop!” I yelled. “Just go! Come back when you’re both more mature and know how to deal with depressed heartbroken girls. Honestly I should have just gone to stay with Carrie all along.”

“Guess you opened the doorway again. Bit stupid really.” Ali appeared with her hand leaning on Ashton’s shoulder. I gasped and closed my eyes. Ashton humbly nodded his head and swiftly walked back out the door. He closed it softly. Ali stayed in front of the door and looked at Carrie.

“Ari, what the hell are you looking at?” Carrie asked me. “Don’t worry about those immature boys.”

“Do you want her to see me or do you still think that I’m just part of your mind?”

“YOU SHUT UP NOW.” I screamed. I closed my eyes and blocked my ears. I curled up into a ball and blocked every thought and sound from my mind.  I opened my eyes to see that Carrie looked surprised.

“Honey, I know that you’re going through something but that’s no way to treat your best friend….”

“I wasn’t talking to you.” I whispered. Carrie panicked. She turned to the doorframe and tried to make sense of what I was saying. 

“I gave up, twinnie… I didn’t make it to the doorway and now I’m stuck here with you. This is your entire fault, now to get back at you, I think you should lose everyone you’ve ever loved and I’m going to make you feel pain as if you’ve never felt it before…”

Carrie stared at me and then I watched as the skin on her face melted off her skull. I could smell the sizzling flesh, and I cried out. Ali chortled in a deathly voice. Carrie stared at me like nothing was wrong. I blinked. Carrie’s face was perfectly normal. We heard the car leave and I paled.

I was alone with Carrie and a projection of my mind which was making me hallucinate. 

The day was obviously not going to get any better.


“Could we go for a swim in the lake?” Carrie asked me after we played scrabble. I shook my head.

“It’s not safe out there, Carrie.” I mumbled through a mouthful of chicken schnitzel. Carrie shrugged an ok and picked up her own sandwich. She bit into it and then put it down. I looked at her sandwich and saw slimy, gooey maggots descending through each layer of bread, lettuce and chicken. I screamed out and took her plate. I dumped it into the bin and sat back down. Carrie looked at me.

“Why did you put my sandwich in the bin?” She asked suspiciously. I heard Ali’s laughter in my mind.

“There were maggots in it, didn’t you see them?” I asked her. She shook her head and got her plate out of the bin. She showed the sandwich to me and smirked. I looked through the sandwich four times over but there was no trace of the maggots or the grey slime that they left behind.

I sighed. I closed my eyes and then made them fly open. Carrie was still there, luckily normal, and Ali was behind her.

“Go for a swim, Ari, go for a swim and I’ll make you watch while she DROWNS.” Ali cackled.

“Carrie, I think that I’m hallucinating, do you know how to get rid of hallucinations by any chance?” I wasn’t hopeful, but Carrie nodded harshly.

“A good movie,” She laughed. “Don’t you read?”

I chose a bean bag and sat on it happily. Ali rolled her eyes and stood in front of the TV. Her teeth bared and I closed my eyes tightly. When I opened them, Ali was gone.

“Seeing her again?” Carrie asked sympathetically. I dipped my head forward into a stiff nod. Carrie turned on the show and came to sit next to me. The boys still weren’t back yet and although it had been three whole hours since they had left.

“She threatened to drown you if we went swimming; she did something to make me hallucinate- like the maggots in your sandwich…” I murmured. I hugged my knees. Ali appeared next to me.

“Think you can get rid of me? I’m going to make you want to DIE.” She screamed. I blocked my ears and breathed in deeply. Ali floated forward in a flash and snarled at me. I smiled uneasily at Carrie.

“Can we start it?” Carrie asked. I nodded and then sat back and tried to see through Ali. It was working; I was seeing through her and she was slowly disappearing. She screamed and the ghost of a smile appeared on my face.

“Don’t you dare think that I’m just in your head?” Ali screamed. I knew it was in my head, which just made it that much easier to get rid of. The movie flashed on and we heard yelling outside. As soon as Ali disappeared completely, Carrie stopped the movie.

Carrie and I stood up from our bean bags and went to the window. Outside, Luke and Ashton were yelling at each other with no obvious intention of noticing us and no intention of stopping. Carrie glared at me mischievously.

“Ari, you have no idea how lucky you are.” She gushed quietly. Carrie rolled her eyes at the boys out the window.

I had no idea what she was talking about. I was the one whose family all committed suicide and who was now seeing hallucinations of her dead sister who was threatening to kill her and her friends. “Carrie, what are you talking about?” I whispered. Carrie opened the window an inch and told me to listen.

I heard Ashton’s voice first.

They were fighting, and they were fighting about me.

The End

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