Our 21st BirthdayMature

I was dancing with this really cute guy and Ali was next to me dancing with an equally as cute guy. I had never seen either of them before and Ali seemed older.

“Happy 21st birthday girlies,” Carrie was squealing. Behind her were Iris and Jasmine and some other people that I had never met.

There was a cake and Ali and I hugged before we stopped dancing and blew out the candles.

Something big was happening and I knew it was our birthday, but in my mind, I knew that something else was going to take the attention off our birthday. And I wish I knew but there wasn’t enough time to find out.

As usual it was my imagination. As usual I was seeing and dreaming things that were weird. I could have blamed it on the drugs that they gave me but I knew that it was my own brain that made me dream this.

“Ali- happy birthday, twinnie,” I told my sister. Ali looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Ariela, you haven’t called me twinnie since we were like eight. Why are you calling me that now?” She laughed. I shrugged.

“Promise we’ll always be there for each other?” I asked her. She shrugged this time and stared at me. Everyone was back on the dance floor, dancing.

“Ok…. What’s up with you? Anyway, I’ll be back in a second, toilet break.” She winked, touched my arm briefly before leaving me alone in a crowd of people who I didn’t really know.

Half an hour later I was starting to wonder where my sister was. I asked everyone. They all said they saw her slip outside and then she never came back. I knew she wasn’t the type to go somewhere with someone and then never come back so I went out the door that everyone saw her go out of and screamed.

She was dead, on the floor with a needle next to her. It wasn’t a normal needle and I knew at once that it contained drugs. People ran and there was Iris trying to wake her and Carrie on the phone calling an ambulance. And me, staring wistfully at my sister, I was all out of screams.

The ambulance came and took her away as well as the police. Everyone knew she did drugs except for me. The police questioned everyone and they all agreed that she came outside to take the drugs she always took and must have overdosed. I had my head in my arms.

It was our twenty-first birthday in this alternate reality and Ali had died. It was like written in the stars that Ali would always die young. And here I was, so happy that we were finally happy. And then I find out she’s on drugs.

My mind went blank and then everyone paused. They faded away and I was left, alone in the darkness.

I questioned my sanity again and then saw some light.

Present Day

I was awake yet groggy and I could hear the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack on in the next room. I could tell that somehow I hadn’t been asleep for as long as they wanted me to be. I saw someone approach me with a needle and I felt a sharp jab in my left arm. And suddenly I was falling. It was like in one of those dreams were you’re falling and then you suddenly wake up and you realise that you weren’t actually falling and it was all just a dream.

I was still falling and the music changed.

The End

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