One Year AgoMature

Year 10 formals supposedly went out of fashion years ago when the curriculum changed or somewhat. We were still having one though. Mostly because the smart people begged the teachers and the principal, so they had to let us. Ali and I had gone to buy dresses last week. I thought back to last year when we had had a disagreement. We had made up but not forgotten. I had gone out with William for about a week before Ali became correct and he wanted me to come to school dressed like how I dressed at that party. I broke up with him harshly- mostly because he deserved it- and then went home and cried to Ali that she was right.

Ali was asked out by Beau but she said no. I felt so much more respect for her after that. She actually muttered something about Beau calling her Ari. From about that time, I had taken to calling her Aleira. I liked that name way better than just plain Ali. But my name was Ari, and we both liked it that way. So she couldn’t do anything about that.

Her dress was a perfect emerald/bright green colour and was long and pretty and it made her seem vulnerable in a way that only I had ever seen. It matched her eyes and I wished I had her eyes. And her hair, but our hair was remotely the same length. Her hair was the same one colour brunette that it had always been.

My dress, which according to Aleira looked like sea foam, was a nice grey blue colour matched my eyes. I hated to admit that it actually was the colour of sea foam. Whereas Ali’s hair was styled to a minim, just out and around her face, mine was up in a messy bun with strands around my face.

Her shoes where black and skinny and, although I had the same ones, my pair were a size smaller. We realised that that was the only way to tell us apart, with an exception of our eyes of course.

And now, we were getting out of the car we came in and meeting our friends. She was meeting Iris, who had left the bitchy group and become a nice enough girl and I was meeting Carrie. I used to think Carrie was stupid but she was actually smarter than she let on.

The formal was actually quite boring, but I would never forget seeing this one guy there who I had never seen before. I brushed it off as my brain playing up from too much sugar, but I knew I knew who it was, I just didn’t. But in my mind that sentence didn’t even make sense.

The End

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