I sniffed and looked up, realising that I was at my stop. My house was pretty much right next to this bus stop. I made sure that I had turned off my iPod and gathered my bag. I was walking and I was just past the bus stop when I turned and saw Ashton boarding the bus. I swore. Now those stupid Twelvies would think that we weren’t going out. We weren’t, but that stupid Barbie doll got on my nerves. She was worse than Ali and I could be sometimes. I watched the bus go past me and then suddenly stop. I searched for my book with my story in it and gasped.

It wasn’t there. It was still on the bus.

I hit myself on the head with my fist and made a pact that I would find it again. I skipped home, faintly hearing something behind me. I stopped for a moment before turning around. There was a figure running at full pelt towards me. I stopped and stared at the figure, thinking maybe, at first, it was Carrie- but then I realised that Carrie would never be caught running in her life, especially in the shoes that she wore. Then I realised that it was coming from a stopped bus. The bus then took off again. I saw a flash of the driver’s face- my driver- and he looked so angry that he was going to murder someone. I hoped that he would murder the Barbie doll annoying girl in the back.

A face came into view and I kept on staring at it, not making any sense of what it was saying. I frowned and then squinted.

“Ari, Ari, thank god you stopped, I would never have caught up with you otherwise!! I found this on the bus…it has your name on it….” He thrust the book into my hands. My jaw dropped open and I squealed and hugged whoever it was. I let go all of a sudden and gulped. 

“Ohmigod, Ashton, I am so sorry….. I…uh… Thanks.” I whispered, suddenly embarrassed. Luckily he looked embarrassed too. I felt a sudden choking feeling and a pulling on my neck. I dry retched and fell forward. I felt as if I was swinging and I regained myself. Ashton’s hand was on my back.  “Sorry about that too, I don’t know what that was.” I murmured. He nodded. I bit my lip and held up the book.

“I better go.” I said hurriedly. ‘I think something’s up with Ali. Thanks so much for the book…” I smiled at him and then turned away slowly. He stood there for a moment, looking at me, before turning away and nodding.

“Yeah, I have to go catch the next bus… I have to get to…well….never mind…..” He said to no one. I yelled back a yep from my driveway. I rolled on my heel to wave but, like at school the other day, he was already long gone. From my driveway, I stopped for another moment.

I put a hand to my neck; there was the sudden feeling of choking, as if there was something around my neck, constricting my breathing. I gasped for air and slowly touched the ground. I sat there, feeling as if I was going to choke for a long time. After about five minutes I stood up slowly. I glanced up to the window which separated outside to the inside of mine and Ali’s room. First of all, I went into the kitchen and had a big drink of water.  I thought about my book and opened it up to the page that I had finished writing on. I had written a bit more on the bus than I had actually recognised. I guess I was too pre-occupied to even realise that I was still writing.

The End

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