‘Snow the cold hearted icicle. That’s what they all called me in East L.A. That’s what they all thought I was. They said I was pretty to an extent, but because I had no friends, I wasn’t full pretty. It didn’t make any sense the way they explained it, but, it was true that I had no friends.

I covered my face with my hair and stared at the ground as I pushed through the crowds of people falling behind as classes started. They gave me looks and stuck their fingers up at me but I just kept walking. They tried to trip me over and they said some rude East L.A ghetto words. But I continued down my path to the music hall rooms. Once I got there, I set my bag down and crouched on my ankles next to it.

“Well, well… If it isn’t Snow, Snow the Icicle season…” Aader commented snidely from his little corner in the room. I ignored him. He walked slowly to me and kicked my bag over. I picked it up and set it next to me again. “Well, don’t ignore me ice princess.” He squatted down to my level and I made sure that my hair covered my eyes. I didn’t look at him.

“You know, it’s true what they say. You are a pretty little sight. But…”

“She has no friends. She has to have friends to be 100 per cent pretty. It’s like, girl RULES. But I’m not sure she even is a girl… she’s so….. Unresponsive….” Oria Matthews, the school bitch commented as she entered. Aader guffawed and held his arms out. Oria slipped into his hug and patted his arm. She rolled her eyes. “Now, Aader, you might just one day get some good comebacks yourself- think them up with your pea-brain” She let go of him and glanced at me.

“You on the other hand will be a failure. No one will ever love you and your murky-blonde-always-straight-really-fake hair. So give it up-

Mr Dart coughed from the doorway and Oria smiled cheerfully at him.

“Oria, stop tormenting poor…uh…spring was it?” He asked me. I shook my head a millimetre. “Summer was it? It wasn’t autumn…. I know! It was Snow!!!” I nodded my head a millimetre as Oria and Aader almost peed while they laughed. A small piece of my heart broke off and fell onto the cold, hardwood floor. They were right. I would never be loved by anyone- hell my own parents killed themselves and left me all by myself.

“Sorry sir…. and of COURSE I will come after class to see you.” Oria winked and I almost vomited. This is why she never got suspended for bullying because she was never reported by anyone, least of all me.

She sat on the floor next to me, with Aader on her other side and flicked my knee, hard. I flinched and moved away from her, not speaking the entire time.

“C’mon Snow. Just speak already, it won’t kill you.”

“Maybe she is a mute.” Vivienne, the stupid one spoke up. I rolled MY eyes. Nobody saw though because I was either beaten for doing it at my foster home, or I wasn’t noticed.

“Maybe she’s just plain stupid.” Some other guys interrupted. I still said nothing. Some people who walked in punched me while Mr Dart was turned away. They sat on the chairs instead of the floor, because the floor was too beneath them. Vivienne pulled two chairs out and huffed her way onto one of them. Oria used my shoulder to heave herself up and she pushed me over onto a thumbtack which was not driven into the ground. I brought my middle finger to my face to see a drop of red blood clinging to the skin. I wiped it on my jeans and hid it from sight of the bullies that surrounded me. No one saw. And no one saw the silent tear which ran down my face.’

The End

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