I was going over to Carrie’s house whilst Ali said she wanted to stay home because she had a headache. I knew for a fact that it wasn’t that she had a headache. She just felt like staying home. Carrie’s house was huge. It was like the mansion of all mansions and she had her own flat inside the mansion. It had the view of the ocean and a view of the entire town. I wasn’t jealous, I liked my house, but there always was a pang of longing for the house that I had always been dreaming of. I entered her house and then went in the lift which went straight up to the fourth floor where her flat was.

“Ariel,” She yelled as the lift stopped at the top. “Want to watch a movie? I have our favourite chick flicks and a horror movie but- warning- it may scare you…” She laughed and I smiled.

“You stole Ali’s line.” I murmured

“Hun, Ali wouldn’t be able to say that with a straight face if she tried. She’s terribly scared of EVERYTHING.” I nodded because I knew she was right.

“Yeah, she says it when she puts My Little Pony on!” I joked. I felt bad for saying stuff about my twin from behind her back but I knew that she would know that it was a joke and that she wouldn’t actually care if she knew.

“Alright let’s just get on the lounge and watch something.” Carrie exclaimed. I shook my head.

I had only come over here to tell her that I couldn’t stay and that if she still wanted to hang out then she could come to my house. Carrie was one of those people who you couldn’t say no to over the phone.

“Carrie, look, I can’t, after I hung up on you, Ali threatened me because she wants to hang out and she is my sister ok, we can hang out at school but Ali has no one else at home. Iris can’t come over because she has too much homework which she’s left to the last moment as usual.”

Carrie snorted and nodded.

“Fine, but next weekend, you are coming here and we are watching that scary movie.”

I laughed as I agreed to it and then went back down the lift and decided that it was too far to walk. I sat in the nearest bus shelter. I took out my notepad and put in my earphones before taking out a pen. I sighed and racked my brain for an idea. As soon as I found one, my brain went on like a light bulb. The story flowed from my fingertips.

The End

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