One Day BeforeMature

I passed Iris and Ali on the way to Geography. They were whispering harshly. I smiled brightly at them, and went to hug Ali but she shook her head and bit her lip in the fashion that I usually did. I walked off with dismay and I felt like Ali was uncomfortable being with me. I looked at the tips of my hair and wondered for the umpteenth time what colour would look best if I dyed it.

Sitting in the usual seat I always sat at in Geography, (under the window, in the middle) I took out my phone and inconspicuously texted Ali.

Ari- Is something wrong?? Xx

Ali- Nothings wrong. Everything is fine. Why would you think that something was wrong? I have to listen in class; you should really do the same.

Ari- Teachers not here yet but have fun in class nerd. Xx

Ali- whatever

I stared at the phone, confused and scared for my sister’s mental health. She was sitting in extension maths. And she wanted to listen. Obviously there was something wrong with her. Even though I was the one who always helped her with her homework and she always helped with mine…. Listening to teachers drone on about stuff that doesn’t even make sense (maths) was super-duper boring.

My teacher was staring down at me and I cringed as I smelt the tuna coming from her breath.

“Phone, Miss Ali Cruise.” I shook my head as I passed it to her.

“Actually, I’m Ari.”

“Trying to get out of trouble again? I heard that your sister did the same thing in extension maths. Despicable, if I may say so myself. If I had a twin, I would always own up to it. Disgusted, I am.” She frowned down at me and then walked off with my phone tightly clasped in her hands. I sighed and leant back in my chair. Teachers had no idea.

After Geography and Ali’s extension maths, I walked towards her in a hurry, wondering what in the name of God she did to get in trouble. I was the troublemaker, not her. She was a goody-goody and I…. I spotted her first and saw Iris talking to her, panic on her face. I frowned and rushed towards them even quicker. Iris was holding Ali’s arm and Ali glanced at me before pulling her sleeve down. She tugged her sleeves again to make sure that they were past her wrists. I stopped in the middle of the Quadrangle. I stared at her covered wrist. I ran through different things in my head but I tried not to jump to conclusions. If Ali needed to tell me something then she would have told me. So I waved awkwardly at the two and I turned and walked away.

Sitting by myself, there were no fights I could get into with my friends and I couldn’t have twin squaller with Ali. I ate my lunch quietly and quickly. Then I put my earphones in and closed my eyes as I leaned against the brick wall. I turned on the music. Then I got a little too bored and turned on the radio. There was this amazing song on and I made sure that I recorded a bit of it. I then uploaded the recording to mine and Ali’s YouTube channel. After about fifteen minutes I had three different replies to my video asking what song it was and heard that it was called Long, Long Way from Home. It was sung by Foreigner.

I downloaded it immediately… Despite it not being on iTunes, I had no choice. After a while, I was singing along to the lyrics out loud. I didn’t care that people could hear me.

“Like that song?” I heard a voice and my eyes flew open.

“Uh…um…. What?” I asked. Standing in front of me was Ashton Irwin, the newbie with no friends. I had heard about him when he first came to the school about a year back and luckily now there was no stupid Cleo around to steal the attention of any guy that was talking to me.

“That song,” He sat next to me and I froze. What the hell was I going to do to embarrass myself now? It always happened. “Long Way from Home….”

“How do you know what that song is called?” I asked.  “And how do you know that I’m listening to it?”

“I heard you singing.”

Oh great, embarrassed myself before I even started talking to him.


“No, it was good. It was….different….but good.”

“No, I sound like a dying cat; I don’t need you to tell me I don’t. I recorded myself once, you know, and it was the worst. Ugh, even worse than Justin Bieber- and that’s saying something.”

“Hey….Justin’s not that bad either. I met him once while I was-


He laughed and I was offended.

“The bell is about to ring. Maybe I could tell you about my famous sightings another time.” He smiled and I smiled politely.

There was no way he was getting out of this one. Just as I opened my mouth to protest, the bell rang, right above us and I scrunched my face up and when it stopped I opened them.

Ashton was gone.

I sighed and stood up, picked up my bag and walked off to whatever class I had next.

The End

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