Two Days BeforeMature

I had always loved it after school, sitting on the lounge with Ali and a bowl of popcorn, watching a movie. We didn’t actually watch the movie- ever- we just gossiped and talked about stuff we had heard at school. Today I put in the same movie we always watched- yet I never seemed to remember the name- and heated up the popcorn. Ali came downstairs wearing ugg boots and a hoodie. I on the other hand was still wearing what I wore to school.

“Ali, I have popcorn and that movie we always watch. Come on, it’s gossip time.” I joked. She shook her head and paused in front of the TV. “You know you want to.”

“Don’t force people to do things they don’t want to.” She replied automatically. I smiled.

“There’s a name for that. Why don’t you enlighten me on what it’s called?”

“That is inappropriate for your ears. I’m sorry.”

She gave me a small smile and sat down next to me. I stood up, grabbed the popcorn out of the microwave and retook my seat.  Ali started the movie. She seemed intent on actually watching it.

“So, Ali, I saw you talking to Joscelyne and Maria. Why would you talk to such bitches?” I asked. Ali blinked but didn’t say anything. “What about what Carrie was talking about at lunch. That was hilarious, it’s one of those had to be there moments. Lucky I saw it. So then I could actually laugh at it!” Ali didn’t smile, didn’t laugh, and didn’t even frown. She turned to me, her green eyes large and piercing.

“Is something wrong? Ali, you can tell me. It was that bitch wasn’t it? I am going to get Carrie to bash those girls up. Ooh, have you seen Ashton, he’s kind of new.”

Ali blinked at me and turned back to the movie. I held out the popcorn for her to take a handful. She didn’t touch it.


“Just leave it. Ok? Good.” She snapped at me. I frowned at her and quietly took hold of the remote. I pressed the off button and the TV went black. Ali looked at me and saw my hand on the off button. She turned back to the blank TV and sighed. I stood up and threw the popcorn onto the coffee table. I threw the remote into her lap.

“You want me to leave it, fine, but when something really is wrong, don’t expect to come to ME crying.” I stormed up the stairs with my condition flaring up again. I held my hands against the wall, steading myself. Whilst I was standing there, alone, quietly, I heard Ali say something I would never forget.

“Stop being such a controlling bitch, Ari.”

Such a small comment and there was no way that it was ever going to leave my mind.  Till two days later. But I didn’t know that yet.

The End

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