Two Days EarlierMature

“Ari, please tell me that Carrie is picking us up today. I mean it is one thing to get my driving privileges taken away but it’s another to take away yours as well just for backing me up. You know I love you right?”

“Wha- Twinnie, I’m trying to sleep…” I blinked a few times and saw that Ali was half dressed in her denim shorts and looking for something of mine. I saw her pull out the yellow singlet that I was planning on wearing. She pulled it over her head and smoothed out some creases.

“Perfect.” I groaned at her words and threw a pillow at her. She looked over at me and gave me the finger. I gave her the same finger back. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Ari, I said I love you and this is how you repay me… I don’t understand you sometimes. Oh, and get up, school starts in, like, half an hour.”

I sat up, the morning chill hitting me straight away. I felt my vision darken around the sides and I had a sudden headache. I closed my own eyes and swallowed.

“Twinnie,” My sister sounded concerned. “It’s that blood thing you have isn’t it? Hun, get downstairs and eat something. You know you have to or you will get violently ill and miss out on another two weeks of school.”

I nodded and scrunched up my face as I got out of bed.

I had this sort of condition that if I didn’t eat anything then my vision darkened and I momentarily, partially had a blackout. With it came a violent, momentary headache. I hated having one difference from my twin.  She never had vision problems or anything like my problem. Nobody knew except for her and it was going to stay that way. Little did I know that the secret would be taken to her grave.

Ali clapped me on the back and she followed me downstairs.

“Oh my god, is that Nutella?” I squealed. Ali squealed an almost identical squeal.

“I think it is! What a great way to start the day.” She said. She nudged me and I smiled.

Ali smiled back and after the first spoonful of Nutella I already felt the headache disappear.

The End

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