Three Days EarlierMature

Ali and Iris were hanging out in the attic. I don’t know why they liked to be up there, it smelt like someone died up there and was left to rot. There was no air conditioning, only one window which was painted shut. I heard laughter up there and so I pulled down the stairs (which were so dusty it wasn’t funny) and walked up them, coughing every few seconds. After I made it past the few hundred boxes, I made sure that my identical twin and our friend- her best friend- didn’t hear me.

Both of them were deathly afraid of ghosts so I had devised a trick to play on them for ditching me at the bowling alley last Friday. I had to get a ride back with Dolly (her car also smelt like someone died in it) and she asked for my number. To be polite I said maybe tomorrow. She didn’t realise that it was a Friday, and she wouldn’t be seeing me on a Saturday.

I took out my phone and set it down in a nook in the wood.  I started playing the ghost noises recording I took from You Tube. I stifled a laugh and set down my iPod in the other corner of the room and pressed play. The noises on that were people whispering and then knocking things over.  Ali would never know what hit her. I turned to go down the stairs and screamed. There was Iris. She stared at me with narrow eyes.

“What are YOU doing up here, Ari? You shouldn’t stay up here, you might get dust in your pores and you wouldn’t want that if you want to get captain next year. I’m only thinking of the greater good, dear friend.” She clapped me on the shoulder and pushed past me to get to where Ali was standing looking out the small window. I began to walk past the boxes when my recordings started to get louder and Ali and Iris screamed.

“Ari, is that you? Please, shit, tell me that’s you.” Iris whispered. I creaked down the stairs and closed the stairs to the attic quietly.  I laughed into my hand. It didn’t seem like much but I knew them, and I knew that they would probably have a week worth of night mares from the noises from those recordings.

I pulled down the stairs loudly and walked up, seemingly oblivious to the noises. I found Ali cowering in the corner whilst Iris stood up protectively.

“Did you call me, Ali? You should both come down now anyway. It’s a Sunday night and we have school tomorrow and you need beauty sleep-

An ear splitting scream ripped through the attic. Iris and Ali flinched, covering their ears. I pretended like I couldn’t hear it.

“What?” I asked.

“That noise….” Ali whispered. I shook my head and turned away.

“C’mon let’s just get out of this icky place.” I commanded. I waited for Iris and Ali to scurry down the steps before turning off both my iPod and my phone and pocketed them.  I closed the stairs and walked into our shared bedroom. Ali was sitting on her bed with Iris on the floor and then as soon as I walked in, Iris stood up, hugged Ali and waved at me awkwardly and then disappeared. I heard our door slam a few minutes later.

“So are you telling me that you didn’t hear anything before, when we were up there?”

“That’s what I said, isn’t it? I need sleep, night Twinnie.” I faked a yawn and hopped into my bed, pulled the covers over my head and fell asleep almost immediately.

The End

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