Chapter 19

"I'm excited to see what you've come up with this time, Doctor," I hear as we enter the room. As soon as they realize that we're hear, two bodies turn to us, one a normal looking person in a mask, holding a clipboard, the other, also adorned with a mask, but wearing a black business suit. It's a woman. I can tell by the cut of her clothing. She holds herself high with an expensive-looking black case in her hand. Their conversation cuts off abruptly and they size me up. The woman stares for a moment too long before nodding to the other one, the one she called 'Doctor'. The Doctor starts messing with the dials on the machines as the guards lead me to the metal table. One tries to put his hand on my back to lift me up and I swat at his hand and snap around, glaring at him with everything I have.

It seems that this mysterious woman's presence has awoken at least some of the fire in me. However, I know it's pointless to try and resist or escape, so I lift myself on to the table and lower myself to its smooth, chilled top. I consider closing my eyes but decide against it. Instead, I look right at the woman with the case, who stands at the end of my table, observing me. Her eyes are green. I start at this and a guard places his hand on my shoulder, gently forcing me back down. I go to grab his hand but he pulls it away. I look up. It's him. Blue-eyes.

Our eyes lock for a moment, and I intend to say something when I feel a prick in the crook of my other arm. The needle sticks out my skin, but this one is different from the others. Instead of one tube filled with clear liquid, which usually sends me to unconsciousness, there are two tubes attached. One is filled with the clear liquid and the other has a red, almost glowing concoction in it. I look around nervously and cry out, asking what they're doing, but of course no one answers. After a while I wonder if I'm even saying anything out loud, or if all the begging is only in my head. And then I know I'm out, because I start to dream.

The End

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