Chapter 12

I don't know how long I've been sitting like this: pressed against the wall, curled into a ball, with my head between my legs. All I know is that when the door opens, my vision spots with black and my legs are asleep. Another masked figure enters, this one different from the last. I can tell that he is much taller and much, much more muscular. He hovers in the doorway for a moment before coming in. I stand up, a little off balance as the blood rushes back to my feet. Finally, I'm being let go.

Then he closes the door behind him, and we're in darkness once more. My heart starts pounding quickly, a flurry like a butterfly's wing in my chest.

"What are you doing?" I say. A light suddenly floods the room from above and the man approaches me. "Wait, what are you doing?" I repeat, louder, and the panic in my voice is obvious. He is an arm's length away and I begin to back away, two of my steps for every one of his.

Suddenly, he lunges at me and I duck under his arm and dart to the door. Of course, it's locked. I turn back to face him and see that he's running over to me.

A bloodcurdling scream breaks through my throat and I run around the perimeter of the room. I know I can't outrun him, though, and soon my short legs are too tired to continue. I whip around and face the man. When he's close enough, I throw a fist at his gut, but he grabs my hand. I throw my other fist at his face, and he catches that one too, and I'm trapped. I kick out at his legs, at anything I can reach, but it's like beating a wall.

He lets go of one of my hands and hits my jaw. My vision spots and I feel dizzy, very dizzy. It's pathetic that one blow is going to knock me out, and I force myself to stay standing. My eyes are rolling all over the place, but I manage to bring my foot up between his legs. The man doubles over and I back up a few steps before hitting him on the back. I expect him to fall down, but he unexpectedly stands up. His eyes, dark brown, are hard and unfeeling. He cracks his knuckles and pulls back one of his fists.

The End

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