Chapter 8

I fall asleep and am woken hours later by the light pouring through my open door. Wordlessly I let them lead me from my room once more, a masked man on each side of me. 10 doors, 10 steps to the turn, and 3 doors down. When I see the table, Peter's words coming rushing back to me.

The tests they run on us while we're unconscious...I think they have something to do with our blood. My own blood starts rushing as if suddenly realizing it won't be in my body for much longer. As a result I start feeling hot, and lay down on the table immediately. Its' cool, metallic surface calms me down and I lay out my arm. Part of me, a small, glowing ember of a flame, wants to fight back; it wants to demand answers and refuse to cooperate. But most of me just wants to get it over with.

Do I really care what they're doing with my blood? I have plenty to spare. Besides, for all I know this could be a totally normal thing for wherever we are, whatever year we're in. I have no idea. The thought placates me and I close my eyes.

I don't even notice Blue-Eyes stick the needle into my arm.

The End

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