Chapter 3

The man in black took me to another room. I paid close attention to the location, which was at the end of my hallway, to the left, then the third door on the left side. The room was pure white, sterile-looking. There was a table in the middle of the room, with an IV drip and hospital monitor next to it. Otherwise, the entire room was empty.

The man directed me to lay down on the table. That was when I realized I was only wearing a tank top and shorts, both gray.

Frightening thoughts started infiltrating my blissfully ignorant mindset. Like, what was the man going to do to me? What were the IV and monitor for? Why was I even there?

But I said nothing as the man started pushing buttons on the machines and adjusting wires. Another dark figure entered through the door we came in from, and another behind that one. The first was shorter than the man that led me to this room, and curvier. I assumed it was a woman. The last figure resembled the man who led me here, except it was a bit taller and thinner, more gangly, but I could tell he was male. He walked over to where I lay, while the other two worked on the equipment. I could just barely see his eyes through the ski mask, and was, for some reason, surprised to see that they were light blue. It was the only thing of his that I could see, and they looked kind.

The man who brought me there said, "You will feel a slight pinch. Do not move or try to escape, or we will use force. Just relax, and take deep breaths." He produced a long needle from somewhere within his clothes, and it was filled with a blue liquid. He tapped the crease of my elbow, and put the cold needle tip to my skin. The woman stood next to the monitor, and the IV drip was now filled with a clear liquid. She had her back to me, and seemed slightly disinterested. The other man came closer to the table and took a hold of my arm. Unlike the other two, he wasn't wearing black gloves. His hands were warm, and he put two fingers on my pulse.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in my own room. I can't remember anything, anything at all after the man inserted the needle into my arm. I don't feel any different, except that I'm a little tired. What have they done to me?

The End

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