This girl reminded me of Marie. She too had not shied away from me, her gaze had fixated on me and, blushing slightly, I walked over to her. Against her pale skin, her hair was dark brown and her eyes the most beautiful shade of honey I had ever seen. When I told her my name, she laughed; but not in a bad way, just a very understanding sound that made me laugh too.

"I'm Marie."

For some reason all the old corny chat up lines flittered into my head and I mentally recoiled at the sheer impossibility of them. 

Our relationship escalated pretty quickly, although we were never married, we had a good run. In fact, most of my happy memories were from when I was with her. 

No one ever knew what she saw in me, neither did I. She could have done so much better. Perhaps that was why she cheated on me, perhaps that was why I found myself running from the flat all those months ago. When I saw her in that bed, her arms round someone else's waist; well, nothing had ever hurt me so much. There was nothing else to do except run. I couldn't confront them, I couldn't upset her.

So I ran

As I always did.

I brought myself back to reality. The cheap coffee, the plastic tables, the strange woman. Did I even want this to happen again? Did I want to upset someone else, drive her to do the same thing Marie did? No. But I needed someone. 

Before I could get up, however, she stood up to and boarded the big green bus that stopped a few feet form her. 

Alarmed, I launched to me feet, skidding the chair back a meter or so. Terror racked my eyes, I could feel it, straining against my almost clear iris'. I broke into a run and stood stupidly in the road as the bus drove off, taking her away form me. 

I couldn't even see her in the glass. 

The End

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