Meadow and Grayson are best friends and exact opposite. They truly think they can take on anything but can they take on something like this? Meadow's frail heart is only able to beat for a few months before she will need a transplant. With the waiting list so long, she's positive she's going to die. Meadow knew she was going to die, but how could she expect to do so without Grayson by her side?




      Everyone has done something stupid. I can’t believe for one second that a single person on this planet hasn’t done something stupid at least once. Maybe they will regret it; maybe they won’t. Regardless, it was a choice that was the opposite of smart.

      Which brings me to my next point: everyone has a different perception of said stupid. Maybe stupid is forgetting car keys. Maybe stupid is getting in a fight. But for me, stupid is something that is far, far worse than those simple things.

      Stupid is letting someone die.


The End

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