The Other side of the Door

The door was closed.  I put my hand on the knob, the lights went out.  Snatching my hand back I stumbled over the chair.  Something or someone was in the house.   I stood still trying to let my eyes adjust.  A loud clap of thunder and a flash of lightening startled me further. 

The storm raged outside, rain slapped against my window.  I strained to hear.   I was frozen with fear, standing in the middle of the room or, at least I thought it was the middle of the room, I tried to think but, nothing would come.  I knew whoever or what ever it was didn't mean any good.  Who would be out on a night like this breaking into people's houses? 

I could hear noises, shuffling, things falling, they apparently thought no one was home because they made no attempt to be quiet.

I reached out for the knob again.  Only to stop short when I heard something hard fall.  The noises were coming from downstairs, maybe I could see something.  Rationalizing, I tried to clear my head, maybe it was Bo, he had a habit of playing with things in the cabinet but,  the big cat had been outside when the family left.  I'd called him but he hadn't come in.

I thought about my cell, searching my pockets, it wasn't there.

I don't know  how long I stood there, my ears hurt from trying to hear, it was silent now and, that scared me even more.  Deep breaths,  deep, deep breaths..  Finally I was able to calm down enough to move.  The lightening flash lit up the room, at that moment I heard the stairs creak, the only place to hide was under the bed and I made myself as small as possible,  sliding my back against the wall.  I tried to stop the shaking that had overtaken me.  The heat had gone off when the lights went out and it was cold but, I had sweat dripping down the side of my face. 

My breathing was so loud.  I placed my hands over my mouth hoping that whoever or whatever it was wouldn't hear me.  I shook so hard I felt that could be heard too.

My mind went through every synopsis, a drug addict, that wouldn't be good, there were no drugs in the house unless they wanted aspirin, a rapist, this thought made me feel queasy, I would die for sure, it just wasn't in me to submit or, maybe, an escaped mental patient, the thought of that frightened me even more.  They seemed to have the most strength and, they didn't care who they hurt, they were after all, crazy.  The state mental institution was only about ten miles or so.  If it was and I survived, I was going to sue them!

I wished now I would have gone with my family.  I had laughed at them, telling them they would look like drowned puppies when they got back.  I had teased them saying how I was going to curl up with a good book and a nice hot cup of chocolate.  I had no idea what time it was, the movie ended at 10pm but, they'd probably go and  grab a pizza after that.  I wish I had gone with them.

I peeked out from under the bed and saw a faint glow under the door.  Then I tried to remember, the door was closed but, was it locked, I couldn't remember.  The glow began to move up and down, appearing and disappearing from the gap under the door.    It gave me an eerie feeling, as if the light were floating..  a new thought struck me and I found it not totally absurd.  Perhaps it was aliens.  The thought of an abduction, my family not knowing what happened to me, where I was and even worse, probing.. Oh God Please Help me!

The glow became brighter, they were coming towards the door.  I had the urge to scramble out from under the bed and just bum rush the door but, I was so scared I couldn't move.  Tears ran down my face, I kept my hands over my mouth afraid that any little sound might give my hiding place away.  I pressed in so hard against the wall, I felt I might just go through the other side and how I wished I could!

Footsteps, closer and closer, I held my breath, tears ran unabated down my face, my shirt was drenched with sweat.  Expelling little breaths I held my mouth tight.

I let out a piercing scream and lost control of my bladder as my son pulled up the spread and asked ; "Mom why are you hiding under the bed!"


The End

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