The other side of the Biscuit.


Why does the damn cat make that terrible noise?

My bets is that it pootered a blowfish up its shnozz, and is now finding out the hard way, that things in life aren't always easy.

Poor blighter. Maybe next time he will go for a small fish so that it will slide down his nasal passage with ease. Like pasta up a straw or tissue in a bottle.

It reminds me of the time the kid down the road got his large head stuck in the toilet seat. Well, we all know how that ended up. 

Enough of these Mother jokes.

The poo must be flushed.

"On Stanley, On!"

Good ol' tales of the king and his round table. What is wrong with a square one, I ask you.

Maybe I will one-up artie, and get a spherical table, made with velcro so that plates and cups don't slip off of the surface. That could anger the maidens in finer silks, if you know what I mean.

Climb up your wrap-around-comb-over and be gone.

The End

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