The SacrificeMature

I ran out the door past 'Raymond' who turned to dust the second I did so. Figures he was fake and once I stopped believing him, he disappeared. I ran down the corridor and stopped in the thrown room to look for my destiny and ran at the other corridor. I flung open the doors and locked them behind me.

"Rose, I think this is what you need to do." Lee said holding open a door

I ran inside and she shut and locked the door behind me. The floor was missing past the door step. Instead of floor there was a sea of purple. Above it floated the following.

"For all the lost to be freed, The Sacrifice must do the deed."

I must free Raymond from this hell, and that's all I needed to push me to my death. I jumped in.


beep beep beep

I shut off the alarm as usual and turned over to face Rose but instead I was surrounded by roses the flower not my love. I had an awful dream that I had forgotten her.. Was it real?

I looked around and saw a bouquet of roses with her bracelet around them.

Forever and More.

The End

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